What I Ate Wednesday: Learning Balance

Finding balance has been a big part of my health journey.  I have been working more on balance in my life with exercise, food, family, friends, and my job.  I put so much stress on myself with being the best and continuing to grow my career and expertise, in my nutrition choices, and making sure I workout 6 days per week.  I do want to say, however, I have come a far way since the beginning of my fitness journey.  Almost 2 years ago, I ran a marathon and was going about it the wrong way.  I would run for miles only to not feed my body enough food and thus put my body under so much stress.  I was going crazy with my nutrition choices on the weekend because I was so strict Monday-Friday and I just couldn’t find a happy balance with my food intake.  Now, I have realized your nutrition and workout routine should and needs to be sustainable.

My nutrition should be balanced and allow for foods I don’t consider “whole” or “healthy”. My nutrition should also be mostly focused around ‘whole foods’ for health. My nutrition shouldn’t be black or white.  My nutrition should allow for treat meals, chocolate, fried foods, broccoli, and white fish if I like it.  People may go about their nutrition differently.  People may eat to look good or for health.  Sometimes you can do both. I am to do both with my nutrition choices because I like feeling good in my skin but I also want to live a long life.



breakfast// 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats cooked with water and 2/3 scoop of MTS vanilla whey protein powder, topped with frozen organic blueberries and strawberries, drizzled with 2 tablespoons Artisana raw coconut butter

Balance to me means that I can eat breakfast right when I wake up or wake for 2 hours until I am hungry.  I no longer try to put meal time ‘rules’ on myself.  I like to eat at least 5 times per day, so this can get tricky but I simply aim to listen to my hunger vs look at the time on the clock.  If I wake up and want to work for an hour before eating? Fine. If I wake up and am starving?  I eat.


lunch// 4 oz fresh wild-caught mahi mahi, green beans, lightly salted rice cake with Justin’s honey peanut butter

Balance means I can have the same lunch everyday because it is easy to meal prep.  It means I am eating lunch vs skipping lunch like I may have done in the past. It means I am eating more than just a ‘protein bar’ and more than just a piece of fruit.  It is sitting down to enjoy a real true lunch vs snacking on carrots.  Balance means I can eat some of my favorite foods (peanut butter, obvi) while still eating fibrous vegetables and lean protein.



pre-workout snack// cookies and cream Quest bar and almonds

Balance means I can eat greek yogurt and berries or have a quest bar because I no longer judge my meals by “clean eating” guidelines.  It means I can eat raw almonds or peanut butter or avocado or any fat before my workout because I am not scared of “eating fat around my workout”.


dinner from Saturday// veggie burger from Galaxy cafe with avocado and {pesto aioli} on whole wheat bun with a side of sweet potato fries

Balance means eating a burger and fries on Saturday and then eating a typical dinner on Tuesday (omelet with 1 egg and 3/4 cup egg whites with veggies and corn tortillas, toast with PB2, and dry cereal post-workout) but forgetting to take a picture because food isn’t the most important thing in your life and you were talking on the phone while shoveling food in your face.


bedtime snack//mint chocolate chip protein smoothie with 1 scoop Cellucor Mint Chocolate Chip whey protein, 1/2 banana, and water and 1 Quaker chocolate rice cake crumbled on top with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter eaten on a spoon and hot tea to warm up (Sugar cookie sleigh ride-the BEST tea ever)

Balance is realizing you can never be perfect with your food but still striving to make good choices.  Balance is realizing someone else may eat healthier, stricter, more organic, be able to eat more carbs than you but realizing you’re body and food is just as amazing.

Thank you Jenn for hosting another full day of eating party that I get to be apart of!

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Can you believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving?!!  I am making pecan pie…wish me luck!!!


Weekend of Pancakes

So I guess I went a little pancake crazy this weekend. I think I made pancakes 6 times in the span of 3 days. But, sometimes pancakes are just so much more fun to eat than a bowl of oatmeal.  And yes, I have oatmeal nearly everyday and no one can convince me otherwise.  AND pancakes make a great dessert too.  Eating carbohydrates at night does not make you gain weight.  Eating too many calories in general makes you gain weight.  I workout in the evenings so I eat a lot of carbohydrates after my workouts to repair my muscles and help my body recover.  This means, the more carbohydrates I can consume the better!  So, that leads to pancakes.

Anyway, I thought I would round-up my pancake recipes from the weekend so I could share with you all.  Do you like pancakes?  Well try these bad boys out!!  I’ve posted the ingredients below each variety and then explain the instructions for all at the end!

Maple Pumpkin Pancakes




-1/2 cup oatmeal, ground into oats

-1/4 cup organic pumpkin

-1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder (I used MTS Whey which I recommend)

-1 serving egg whites from carton (3 Tbsp or 46 grams)

-pinch of baking powder

-maple extract


Artisana Raw Coconut Butter

Banana Cream Cake Batter Pancakes 




-1/2 cup oatmeal, ground into oats

-1/2 large, ripe banana

-1/2 scoop Cake batter whey protein (Cellucor Corfetti)

-1 serving egg whites from carton (3 Tbsp or 46 grams)

-pinch of baking powder


-Other half of banana sandwiched in between pancakes

-Artisana Raw Coconut butter

Blueberry Vanilla Pancakes





Ingredients: (Makes 2 servings or for 1 large hungry boyfriend)

1 cup oatmeal, ground into oats

-1/2 scoop Vanilla whey protein (I used MTS Whey from TigerFitness.com)

-2 serving egg whites from carton (6 Tbsp or 92 grams)

-pinch of baking powder

-vanilla extract


-1/4 cup blueberries put in batter

-Warm blueberry syrup (combine Walden Farms Zero Calorie Pancake Syrup and Frozen blueberries and microwave)

-Salted peanut butter


1. Place all ingredients in large bowl and combine.  You can also place the dry ingredients in a blender and blend, and then combine all the wet ingredients and blend again.

2. Spray saute pan with coconut oil spray and cook over low-medium heat until bubbles start to form. Flip pancakes and cook for 1-2 minutes on other side.

3. Pile pancakes on plate and top with optional toppings or create your own!

Let me know if you want the nutrition information as well!

Happy Tuesday yall and let’s go eat some pancakes.


What I Ate Wednesday-Feeding My Body

Hi guys!

Welcome to the most fabulous day in the healthy living blog-world-What I Ate Wednesday!  The premise is to document all that you eat in one day (Tuesday usually) in order to post this on Wednesday for all to see.

I love the idea behind this because 1) I love getting new ideas from others when I feel like my food is getting boring 2) There are so many ways to prepare similar foods and I love to see how others create their recipes 3) I love getting a glimpse into how many times people eat per day, the nutrients they take in, and how they plan out their meals each day!  I especially like to just see how people are living life! So, here goes a day for me.  Thank you Jenn for the amazing link-up!

wiaw fall into good habits buttonIMG_4791

Breakfast was Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough protein oatmeal.  I combined 1/2 cup of oats with 1/2 scoop of whey protein powder (Cellucor Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor) and water and cooked in the microwave for 2 minutes.  Then I mixed in 1/4 cup pumpkin puree and drizzled with salty peanut butter and a couple of shavings from a stevia-sweetened chocolate bar (from Sprouts).


I ate lunch in different parts. Lunch was a great combo of Cilantro Lemon swai (used a Cilantro Lemon chutney as marinade) and green beans (seasoned with Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb) along with a lightly salted brown rice cake and 2 packets of Justin’s maple almond butter.  My snack was a Banana Nut Quest bar and almonds in my handy tin. So inconspicuous!

IMG_4771 IMG_4776 IMG_4774


I made a quick trip to Sprouts after work.  So many delicious food finds. That gingerbread spice milk chocolate bar will probably be mine in the near future.  And these pancake mixes are actually pretty healthy with little fat, 24 grams of carbohydrates, and a short ingredient list as well!  I also tried out the Coconut La Croix flavor. UMMMM THE BEST.  Like literally perfect. I need to go buy 10 more and stock up.  I swear I forgot about this flavor until I saw it resting on a shelf misplaced, looking for someone to buy it.



IMG_4784 IMG_4778

Dinner was my take on “fried rice” and it is so easy you may pee your pants.  I took 1 egg, 3/4 cup egg whites and scrambled with green onions, cilantro, and coconut oil in a saute pan.  I took my precooked brown rice and warmed up 3/4 cup of that as well.  Then I steamed 2 cups of broccoli slaw in another bowl.  All you do is layer the three parts together (eggs, rice, and broccoli slaw) and add Bragg’s liquid aminos, garlic powder, onion powder, ginger powder, and Sriracha!  High protein, high fiber fried (brown) rice!!  I didn’t mix all the broccoli slaw in and had some on the side. I also had some of the new bread I had gotten at Sprouts-Alvarado Street Bakery Flax Seed Bread-with PB2 and homemade pumpkin butter!





Last meal of the day-yes I eat 5 meals a day (!) -was a HUGE smoothie and 2 chocolate rice cakes with more peanut butter. Gosh, is it weird I have peanut or almond butter with every meal?! Yikes. I am an addict. Someone help me.

The smoothie had 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 scoop Trutein Red Velvet cake protein powder, a pinch of xantham gum (for thickness), 6 ice cubes and water!  So so good. I swear the xantham gum is magical.  Tastes like froyo!  Oh and I tried to make my smoothie fancy by putting it in my lovely PITT stemless wine glass.

I have come to that realization that health and fitness has no final destination.  It has no end.  There is no stopping point.  Just because I ate donuts and sushi and wine 3 days ago does not mean I can’t eat green beans and almonds today.  This is a lifestyle with no end point.  That is why I plan on feeding my body.  To make small changes along the way that add up. To not stop, as you will always start again in some way.  I encourage you to challenge your “diet” mentality and think the same way.  There is no “end” to a healthy lifestyle!

Thanks for all the love. See you all tomorrow.

How to Stay on Track While Traveling

Hi guys!  I took an amazing weekend get-a-way to Florida with the family!  We visited my brother in Gainesville for his senior year at the University of Florida and went to a Gator football game!  We actually plan this weekend annually and I always look forward to it.  I am not sure if it’s because I feel like I am in college again or because I’m with my family…but that is besides the point.


I definitely had an amazing weekend in food and wanted to share some of my treats!  I did pack some snacks for the trip (Quest bars, tuna packets, and almonds) and ended up buying some new protein powder while I was at home but I also left room for some ‘splurges’.  I usually try to stay on track for my first 3 meals of the day and then allow a little wiggle room for my last meals of the day.  This is what works for ME.  I usually eat 5 meals a day but if I have a larger dinner out, I count this one meal as two meals.  So if you are trying to stay on track a little more, that is my mentality.  But, there are some days you want to eat a cookie at Noon or pick up a Pumpkin Pie Krispy Kreme donut after brunch.  It is OK!  Life is about experiences, not about being perfect with your diet.  If you want to get the most from those treats, eat them around a workout. If not, don’t stress about it too much.  I honestly just don’t feel well if I start my day off eating unhealthy so this is why I try to stick to more regular meals for breakfast, lunch, and snacks and will enjoy myself at dinner.

So I thought it might be fun to provide you with my top tips to stay on track while traveling or taking a weekend trip!


1.Stop at the grocery store right when you arrive.

This is an easy way to stock up on items you couldn’t carry on or couldn’t fit in your suitcase.  My staples I pick up right when I arrive are bags of steamable broccoli, cut french green beans, apples, peanut butter and/or almond butter, and bananas.  I usually don’t have room for these items and the peanut butter is too large to carry on (must be less than 3 oz) so these are my go-tos.



2. Pack high protein bars and carry them with you wherever you go.

Don’t be stuck in a stadium or at a show with nothing to eat but buttered popcorn and pretzels.  These are high carbohydrate foods with NO nutrients so I honestly just avoid.  I ate a Quest bar on the road to Gainesville when the rest of my family was snacking on pretzels and chocolate chips!


3. Skip high calorie drinks.

Drinking sugar-laden juices and fancy cocktails can derail your diet, make you feel hungrier with the drop in your blood glucose, and make you lose your inhibition. If you want to drink, stick to liquor with water and lemon (tequila with soda water and lime OR vodka with water and lemon are my favorites) or lite beer.  Switch to skinny margaritas (tequila with triple sec and 4 slices of lime). And try to skip the mimosas and high-calorie coffee drinks 😉




4. Pick 2-3 splurge worthy items you want to have over the weekend and fit them into your diet.

When we arrived in Gainesville and there was a Krispy Kreme donut shop on the corner, I knew exactly what I wanted to splurge on.  I have been craving a donut for MONTHS and can never justify going to a donut shop alone so I just haven’t had one.  Well, I have seen SO many people talking about the pumpkin pie donuts this time of year so I knew that was exactly what I wanted.  I picked a splurge items each day and this was my item on Sunday. How to make this fit into my diet?  I went on a run Sunday morning and then at breakfast, I ordered an egg white omelet and skipped the potatoes on the side so that I had room in my diet for some additional fat and carbohydrates from the donut.  So lower your carbs and fats at other meals and eat the splurge item around a workout!

IMG_4634  IMG_4645


5. Drink a TON of water.

Like, a TON.  Flying and traveling in general dehydrates you. And you probably don’t have your normal water bottle or cup with you. So, make a real effort to drink as much water as possible. I know this is a huge challenge for me when I travel and I’m still working on it.  You can travel with a water bottle (and get it through sescurity) as long as it’s empty!  And then you can fill up once you are in the airport terminal. Also, carry a bottle of water around with you at ALL TIMES.  You  never know when there might be a water fountain to fill it up instead of paying for a bottled water!

Thank you for reading!  That is it for me today.  Any other tips on how to eat healthy while traveling?!

What I Ate Wednesday: Finally Fall in Texas

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Happy Hump Day y’all!  It is officially fall here in Texas with temperatures in the 30’s and 40’s this week!  I think I just had my air conditioning on about 2 weeks ago with our average temperatures in the 80’s so this is an abrupt change.  Nonetheless, this weather is making me crave soups, pumpkin spice, apples, and squash.  Finally!  Living in Texas is great when you can lay by your pool in March, however we don’t really get the ‘seasons’ here and I miss the smell of red and orange leaves falling off trees and the crisp air of fall so I am kind of excited.


I didn’t have time to do my usual meal prep this week with flying in late Sunday from Nashville and then getting delayed (you know how that goes).  But, I took some time after work on Monday to broil some white fish with lemon (Swai and wild-caught cod are my favorites) and to steam some broccoli.  That is about the extent of my meal prep this week.  I also did ALL my grocery shopping at Target!  I usually grocery shop at two different stores just because they all have different products I like.  This usually means I go to at least HEB and Sprouts, and then Target (sometimes Walmart…) if I have the time.  Trader Joe’s is a little farther away and I go there probably once a month.  Anyone else like to shop at 2-3 different stores?

Tuesday started off with a delicious bowl of hot chocolate pumpkin peanut butter protein oats. Yes, I combined a million flavors but I had to use up an empty jar of nut butter crack that Jif likes to call their “JifWhips”.  I have tried the Maple Brown Sugar and Pumpkin Spice varieties and wanted to try their Chocolate Peanut butter flavor as well (found at Target).  However, I don’t think I can buy it again because it is SO addicting and hard to eat only two tablespoons! The texture is very different from regular peanut butter as well-more like whipped icing-so I think I plan to stick to organic, natural peanut butter from now on.  I can’t promise anything though :)  I make my oats with 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats and 2/3 scoop Vega chocolate plant protein powder cooked in water for 2 minutes in the microwave.  Then I stir in 1/2 serving of pumpkin and top with 2 tablespoons of organic peanut butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon.


Sometimes I crave green smoothies for lunch but not today!  I wanted something warm, something quick, and a balance of protein, carbs, and fats.  That’s exactly what I had.  Broiled lemon swai with smoked paprika (tastes like bacon-get some if you haven’t tried-you can find in the spice aisle!), Trader Joe’s taco seasoning blend, and Sriracha, a cup of broccoli with nutritional yeast, and a brown rice cake with about 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter.


I had a meeting with other local dietitians around dinner time so knew I needed a hefty snack to tide me over until my workouts.  This means only one thing. Quest high protein, high fiber bar (my favorite), a large banana, and a handful of almonds.


I also ate a Nutella peanut butter protein cup that a friend at the gym made me!  The recipe seems super easy-he said she just combined 2 tablespoons peanut butter, 1/2 cup vanilla protein powder and 1/4 cup milk and baked it in a muffin tin and then topped it with Nutella!  Was a little dense but the Nutella totally made up for that.


This is where you start to realize I didn’t meal prep enough.  Dinner was a huge plate of vegetables (brussel sprouts, broccoli, and greens beans) gone unphotographed.  I am CRAVING fibrous vegetables after an indulgent weekend away and this hit the spot.  This soup is also pretty good!  Butternut squash soup found at Target and an Apricot La Croix.  It was late and I was tired ok?  Oh and a side of rice cakes, peanut butter, banana, and sugar-free honey.  I did a leg day at the gym and hope all those carbs went straight to my glutes :)

IMG_4486 IMG_4485

Dessert was directly after getting out of a hot shower and bundling up in sweatpants and two layers of sweatshirts.  I swear my blood has turned warm down here in Texas.  Has anyone else seen these protein cookies on social media?  They are super easy and super high in protein cookies.  I made these mint chocolate flavor by combining 1 scoop Cellucor mint chocolate chip protein, 1 serving pumpkin, 1 egg white (or 46 g from the egg white carton), 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract and baking them at 350 for 12 minutes.  They are SO delicious and I have a serious sweet tooth so these are PERFECT for that since they are single serving, high protein, and a great texture.  I HIGHLY suggest you try making these.  I have to give credit to the creator, Kim Hoeltje, as she has her own YouTube channel where she shows you how to make these and other awesome recipes!


Well that is all for this Tuesday of eating.  Thank you for the fun link-up Jenn and I can’t wait to see y’all back here next week or even in between then for some of my other fun planned posts this week!

Weekend in Nashville

Hi yall!

Last weekend I went to Nashville for a girls weekend with my family (aunts, cousins, cousin-in-law (?), sister, and Mom) and had an absolute blast.  I’m realizing more and more how important it is to live in the moment and not take a second of our precious life for granted.  It was a quick weekend trip but we jam-packed it with activities.

Friday we arrived and decided to check out the Grand Ol’ Opry hotel.  It’s basically a mini-city inside of a hotel!!  Can you believe they were already setting up Christmas decorations?!  The gardens were just expansive and so beautiful.  We felt like we were walking for hours without ever leaving the hotel!IMG_4255 IMG_4264

We ate at ACME for dinner and I enjoyed an Ahi-tuna burger with sweet potato fries. This TOTALLY hit the spot and was nice to just let go and enjoy the meal.

Saturday I ran 7 miles with my aunt and sister and enjoyed a slow complimentary breakfast at our hotel (Sheraton Music City) before we visited the Parthenon.  I ordered a side of egg whites and they accomodated so easily.  You just have to ASK!  Also had 1/2 cup of oats, a large banana, a half scoop of protein powder and had broughten along Justin’s maple almond butter packets.  These packets are so easy to travel with!  Needed lots of fuel for post-run!

Who knew they replicated the Parthenon in Greece and put it in Nashville?  Inside is Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, and as you can see in the picture was completely stunning with the gold gilding!



IMG_4304 IMG_4314


We listened to live music most of the day at Tippy’s on Broadway street!  We also loved Legends.  Two of the best bars if I would give my recommendations.  We ended up getting tacos for dinner Saturday (no pictures sorry) and stayed out WAY too late!  The live music is so fun!!  These guys were my favorite…


Sunday was a quick day-visited the Ryman Auditorium and then headed to the airport.  We obviously watched the Steelers game as well. (I went to school in Pittsburgh)  My flight was delayed for 45 minutes so I ended up getting home around 11:30 pm Sunday night.  Makes Monday morning feel EXTRA special!


Hope yall had a great weekend as well.  Have you ever been to Nashville?

Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud


Hi guys.  Today is Thursday which means I get to link-up with Amanda over at Running with Spoons to come up with another random list of my Thursday thoughts. These are supposed to be random.  So I apologize now.

1. I am so SO excited to visit Nashville this weekend.  Like who gets that excited to see their mom?!  Haha JK.  I’m literally best friends with my mom and can’t wait to see her, my sister, my aunts, and cousin for a fun ‘girls weekend’ in Nashville.  I have no idea our plans (some of my aunts have already been there) but I can’t wait to just be around people I love.  Any sites that I must see in Nashville? Any restaurants or food that Nashville is known for and I should visit? PLEASE help me out!!

(LonelyPlanet.com) Things to See in Nashville

2. I have scoliosis which means I have a very large curve in my spine.  I have been lifting weights now for about 3 years and took a progress picture of my back today and was amazed.  I thought I was going to be “doomed” to have back pain as I age because of my scoliosis.  Now I know that I can lift heavy, increase the muscle strength of my back and have better posture and feel better.  Strength training really is amazing.  Isn’t not just to look ‘fit’ or ‘toned’ but there are SO many other reasons to lift weights!  My back is strong and I love it.  I posted the picture on my Instagram dietitiandeanna if you would like to see :)


Eating donuts because I heard these were the best!


3. I hate when clients try to ‘label’ their eating patterns.  That’s great if you want to eat Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-Free, IIFYM, Clean Eating, or whatever but I am not going to judge you if you eat salmon when you say you are Vegan. Or if you eat a bite of cupcake and you are Gluten-Free.  Why do humans think you need a ‘label’ on your eating habits to make it ‘healthy’?  You can be healthy without a label.  You are more than a label.  I know I am a mix of SO many eating ‘labels’  so why would I try to conform to one specific label when my body feels best eating all foods in moderation?  No, I don’ t like eating cake or pizza on the regular but if I want one of these things, I am sure not letting a ‘food label’ stop me!


Pizza in NYC

Keeping it short and sweet today so I have time to pack and actually get some sleep!  Although now I am craving pizza and donuts… :)


WIAW: Pre-Travel Eating

wiaw fall into good habits button

Happy Wednesday! Let’s get rolling on another What I Ate Wednesday post for you.  I really love sharing these days to show others that you can truly eat what you want and not have to deprive yourself.  I myself am guilty of not eating consistently throughout the day,  restricting my intake, overeating at nights or on weekends, and also of trying to have a perfect diet.

Where did that get me?  Nowhere.

So now, I enjoy appropriate amounts of my favorite foods (peanut butter, cereal, sweet potatoes, eggs, etc-yes these area actually my favorite foods) and I feel like I have such a better relationship with food.  It’s amazing what can happen when you open your eyes to different ways of eating.  I call this way of eating Balanced or Flexible as I enjoy eating mostly whole foods (ie clean eating) but I also get to enjoy treats because I am honoring my body and what it needs.

This post is dedicated to getting in lots of micronutrients before I leave for Nashville on Friday!  I will be enjoying myself on a fun “girls weekend”!  My aunts, cousins, sister, and Mom all plan this annual trip and I am just so excited to see everyone and enjoy the city.  The CMA’s (Country Music Awards) are actually there this week as well so hopefully there will be lots of fun things to do (even though country music isn’t my FAVORITE).  I can’t wait to indulge but I also plan on bringing snacks along as well!  Thank you Jenn for such a fun experience linking-up!



Breakfast consisted of banana pumpkin coconut butter protein oats in a jar!  Yikes, that’s a long name. Basically, I made my protein oats with a new-to-me protein powder: MTS Whey Banana Cream Pie. Verdict is still out on the banana flavor of this whey protein.  I really like the other MTS Whey flavors but this banana flavor just smells like banana flavor?  And not bananas.  Remember the candy “Runts”?  Remember the banana one? This is sort of what that tastes like.  Which some people might love!! I’m not so sure about yet…


After I cook 45 grams of oats with 2/3 scoop protein powder, I top with 1/4 cup of pumpkin, and then layer in an almost-empty coconut butter jar with more coconut butter.  I really think the key is layering the oats, pumpkin, and coconut butter so you get some of each in each bite when you dive into the oatmeal.


Lunch was my usual with a different twist!  I had fresh basil from my work’s gardens to top my fish off with.  I also used a lemon-cilantro chutney to flavor the fish.  This has AMAZING flavor.  I’ll have to take a picture of the chutney to show you!  This is 4 oz of fish and 1 cup of broccoli smothered in Sriracha. Finished with lunch dessert of a Quaker plain rice cake and organic smooth peanut butter on my “Portion Plate” I use with clients.


I found these “Lean Protein and Fiber” ThinkThin bars at Target and really love them!  They are super tasty and the stats aren’t bad either.  One bar has 150 calories, 20 grams of carbohydrate, 10 grams of protein, and 4.5 grams of fat.  I love eating them with a handful of almonds (usually 1/2 a serving) as well too for a mid-afternoon snack!


Dinner is always after I workout and has lots of carbs to help my muscles grow.  This is only part of my dinner.  4 oz of salmon, a BOATLOAD more of delicata squash, and green beans.  I covered the squash in cinnamon after the picture :)

Dessert consisted of 2 slices of sprouted grain toast, 2 tablespoons of Naturally More peanut butter, sugar-free honey and a protein smoothie made with Cellucor mint chocolate chip protein, 1 frozen banana, and tons of ice.

Thanks for reading along.  How do you categorize your own eating habits?  How is your day going?

November Goals

I love starting each month out with a fresh set of goals. Anyone else?  I like to put my goals in categories: Personal, Career, Fitness, and Nutrition.  Usually the personal goals involve family, friends, traveling, and inner growth.  The career goals are based around where I see myself in 5 years and items I need to get done professionally.  The fitness goals usually are based around a strength training goal I have.  The nutrition goal is usually around creating new recipes, trying out new products, meal planning and preparation.

I would love to share my fitness and nutrition goals for the month.  My career goals may bore some of you so I am not including!!  And my personal goals are something I am always working on and would love to share as well.



1. Check back on article written for local fitness magazine (Personal)

2. Travel to Nashville and Tampa to see family members and enjoy the weekends without feeling like I am getting ‘off track’ (Personal)

3. Get back to being able to do 8 unassisted pull-ups in a row (Fitness)

4. Create new protein pancake recipes (Nutrition)

5. Continue to find new carbohydrate sources for dinner meals so I don’t feel bored with meals (Nutrition)

What are your personal goals?  Do mine align with any of yours?  I always try to limit my goals to 5 so I don’t overwhelm myself!



Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

Yes, I am trying to recreate the infamous “Pumpkin Protein Pancake” recipe because these are just THAT good.  And these seriously melt in your mouth.  And these are not using pumpkin to take the place of other carby goodness, nope you still get lots of doughy oats in here as well.

Try these out and they may change your mind on making pancakes.  I used to dread making pancakes because you had to dirty a pan and use extra effort (compared to a bowl of oats) but these are SO worth it. WORTH IT I tell you.  I swear these feel like you are eating alot more than a bowl of oatmeal as well too.  Like I almost couldn’t finish this stack, but then I did.



Pumpkin Protein Pancakes


1/2 cup old-fashioned oatmeal

3 tbsp egg whites in carton (or 1 egg white)

1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein powder (I used NOW Vanilla Whey)

1/4 cup pumpkin

1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

pinch of baking soda


1. Combine all ingredients in a blender cup and blend until smooth.  Add water to batter if it is too thick. You want the batter to be similar to an Aunt Jemima pancake batter consistency.

2. Spray pan with coconut oil and cook pancakes in small batches (I did 3 at a time) over medium heat.  Cook for 2 minutes (or until they begin to bubble) and then flip.  Cook for 1 minute more.

3. Pile the pancakes high and top with 2 Tablespoons Nikki’s Pumpkin Spice Donut coconut butter OR just mix 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice with 2 Tbsp coconut butter and drizzle over top!

These are honestly great for dinner too. Anyone else love BRINNER?!  These are a perfect ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fats to either eat before a workout or in the morning before a long day at work.  I love taking a little extra time for breakfast before my busy days.

Let me know if you decide to make these or have tried them out!! Hashtag #dietitiandeanna on Instragram as well.  Find me over there for more fun meal/snack ideas and fitness!