WIAW: How to Just “Have One” and fitting Treats into your Diet

Being fit but not wanting to be completely consumed in the fitness industry in a complex balance.  How far do you have to go weighing your food and counting your macros to the gram? And how flexible can you be while still leaning out?  All of these are valid questions that I wanted to discuss today after working with clients and doing my own experiments over the years.


This day of eating was from Sunday and I want to show how I allow fun items, allow for flexibility, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and stack on track with protein, fiber, and overall calories.


post-workout breakfast//2 huge post-workout cinnamon blondie protein waffles with 1/2 oz walnuts and WaldenFarms zero-calorie pancake syrup (Pancake recipe: 45 g oatmeal, 100 g egg whites, 1/3 scoop  PEScience Blondie protein powder, 2 Tbsp pumpkin, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/4-1/2 cup water to thin out batter)

I no longer track macronutrients or aim to “fit” foods into my diet.  I eat what I want and still enjoy flexible foods on occasion.  I still use an exchange system that I have developed and used with clients.  I don’t eat just clean foods but I don’t eat ice cream or donuts daily either.



snack//Mint chocolate Quest bar and a free sample of Evos “baked” sweet potato fries for some more carbsss.  We stopped for lunch right after I had eaten a Quest bar so I snacked on (and ate all of) the free sample.  These were amazing and they have all these fun ketchup options (garlic, mesquite, chipotle…ketchup land of GODS).  This restaurant is super fun if you have one in your area!  I enjoyed the sweet potato fries, estimated the macros in my own head but didn’t feel the need to ‘track’ or write down or adjust my day in any way.  I figured I would intuitively be less hungry after this filling snack.  I didn’t need more food after this and that was that.  No guilt or needing to overeat on more fries.


snack//1 cup Chobani plain greek yogurt, cinnamon, stevia, caramel extract, frozen blueberries, and a handful of frozen mango. Some almonds on the side.  NEW SNACK OBSESSION. Obsessed with frozen fruit in my greek yogurt as it turns into a sweet, cold delicious froyo treat.


dinner//Whole Foods plate – a huge piece of Apricot salmon, a 32 oz container of Spicy Sesame mixed vegetables that I split with my love, and a millet and yam cake.  Salmon at Whole Foods is my staple.  They seem to get it right EVERY time.


I also feel the need to talk about cravings with this topic of “having just one”.  Did these cookies at the Whole Foods cookie bar look good?  Yes.  Did I think they would be worth it to me?  No.  I had eaten sweet potato fries earlier, ate a healthy dinner out, and had a couple snacks but knew I would need another meal to really kill my cravings and to get in enough protein after my intense workout earlier in the day.  Would a cookie taste good in the moment?  Yes.  Was there a memory attached to the cookie or was it home cooked or was it a special occasion? No. I simply passed by cookies and was having a sweet tooth craving after eating dinner.  Knowing the difference between a short-lived craving and actual “Balanced eating” can vary person-to-person but it’s important to realize you can eat what you want in MODERATION, have a treat, but have a purpose behind it and not just eat it “because” if you do have goals.  I don’t want to sound strict here because this is meant to be a lifestyle but sometimes, you just have to say no!


bedtime meal//Snickerdoodle protein cheesecake with Nuts N More white chocolate peanut butter and dark chocolate chips and 2 rice cakes with homemade almond butter, natural peanut butter, some Honey nut cheerios, chocolate hazelnut granola, and chocolate chips!

Honestly, I didn’t eat enough this day and was super hungry on Monday.  Lesson learned!  Also, please let me know if you have questions on “having just one” and how you deal with these situations yourself!  How do you resist cookies when they are staring at you?  Can you enjoy just one serving of french fries or one cookie without going overboard?

Thanks for the discussion as always and thank you to Laura and Jenn for hosting this week of What I Ate Wednesday!

And current progress:



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Current Fitness Routine

Working out isn’t always my favorite.

Even though I love fitness, I lose motivation too.

On days when I work a demanding job for up to 12 hours, keep up with clients, manage emails and a small business,  drive 2 hours round trip, and make time for friends, family, and a boyfriend, while still getting settled in from a move and having personal goals and hobbies, (and attempt to blog…) there are MANY days I just don’t know how I will get a workout in.  BUT I honestly can say I ALWAYS feel better after a good workout and thus, I push through the unmotivated times by reminding myself of that.  I’d almost describe how great I feel after a workout as a runner’s high…that “high” that I never found when I was running miles upon miles but finally found lifting heavy weights and challenging myself and trying new things. IMG_2365

So, what kind of workouts have I been doing now that I am short on time but still want to stay relatively ‘fit’?

Here is my training split currently:

Mon: Rest day

Tues: Shoulders/triceps

Wed: Back/Abs

Thurs: Yoga and StairMaster (15-20 minutes)

Friday: Legs

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: Chest/Biceps


I have been taking 2 full rest days which has been a nice welcome with my schedule.  I have also been listening to my body and taking another off day if I need it and usually just end up walking my dog.  I have been attempting to get to a yoga class 1 time per week to help with stretching and stress but alas, I am not always successful.  I do warm-up before workouts for 10 minutes and cool down for 10 minutes as well (either done on the treadmill, elliptical, or stairs).  Some of those days I will do HIIT workouts instead of steady state as my cool-down if I didn’t sweat enough but nothing is ever over 10 minutes.


Most workouts focus on 2-3 movements per body part with 3 sets of anywhere from 8-12 reps.  I also try to include a leg movement on the 3 days I don’t work legs as a finisher! This may look like step-ups, dumbbell deadlifts, or kettlebell sumo squats.

This has been my training the past 2 weeks but may change in the next 2 weeks.  I love variety and need something new all the time which is definitely what hinders me – I can’t stick to the same procotol/program without wanting to switch it up even though I typically recommend that to others!! (No one’s perfect eh?!)

What does your workout routine currently look like?