Full Day of Eating + Lululemon Haul

Happy Hump Day!

I am pairing up with What I Ate Wednesday to showcase a full day of eating from this past Sunday. What I Ate Wednesday is a way for healthy living bloggers to showcase their eats over an entire day.

No judgements, no criticism.

I always love these posts as it can pull me out of a food rut or give me new ideas using my favorite foods so I’m trying to keep up with them each week :) I also love seeing other people’s habits – whether their eats are vegan, Paleo, gluten-free or whole foods-based I love to see how others nourish their body.  I hope you love them as much as I do!!  Skip to the bottom if you’re just here for the Lululemon haul!!


breakfast//ONE CARB waffle using 1 egg, 1 tsp baking powder, and 1 scoop MTS Nutrition Whey in Pumpkin Spice, plus water to thin.  Cook until crisp!!  Topped with low-sugar Cary’s maple syrup and a brown rice cake with both almond butter and peanut butter with full-sugar black raspberry jam (Smuckers) and reduced sugar strawberry jam from Trader Joe’s.

thumb_Image_1024 2

snack//plain nonfat Fage with 1 serving of the new Kashi GoLean Crunch Vanilla Pepita cereal. THIS CEREAL IS SO GOOD. Scents of vanilla, crunchy pumpkin seeds, and puffed quinoa and wheat. LOVE.

early dinner date with my dad//We went to a local Florida chain called Caramel Kitchen– they serve Mediterranean-inspired food and it was pretty delicious. Nothing extravagant but I loved the appetizer plate and the salmon!  If you ever go, GET the Mezze Platter to start!!  Edamame hummus, sundried tomatoes, artichokes with Italian herbs, kalamata olives, Muhammara dip, fried feta cheese (THE BEST), and goat cheese stuffed peppers.   I ate almost all of that pita bread….and then I ordered the salmon and asparagus entree which I posted on my snapchat (friend me: DietitianDeanna)!!


TARGET HAUL. Found some ridiculous new Easter-inspired eats in their seasonal area.  Carrot cake bites?!  I haven’t tried them yet!!

carrot cake


I did get the new M&M baking  bits though…and made a delicious homemade ‘pizookie’ when I got home.  I also had some carrots and baked sprouted tofu (Trader Joe’s) dipped in hummus I forgot to document while this was cooking!!

I also made it to Lululemon before my dinner date.  I tried on:


The Align Pant.


All the Right Places Crop in red.


Inspire Tight and All the Right Places crop in black.

I ended up walking out with the All the Right Places crop in black and the Tight Stuff Tight in hero blue!  Even though I loved them all.

What are your favorite Lululemon pieces right now?  I’ve had MANY people recommend the All the Right Places crop and the Align pant so I’m glad I finally tried them on!!  The Align Pant didn’t seem the best for lifting and my high intensity workouts as compared to the All the Right Places crop, however, I may go back to get a pair in the future :)

Also, I just want to thank you for reading and continuing to support me.  Without you here, reading, and connecting with me, I would NEVER have imagined this little place of my world being what is it.  You are appreciated more than you know!!


14 thoughts on “Full Day of Eating + Lululemon Haul

  1. Kerri Mcgrail says:

    Mmmm that waffle looks so good! Also, i love admiring lululemon clothes from afar- still haven’t bought anything myself yet! Looking forward to the days when I am no longer on a student budget!! Your haul is adorable!

    • Dietitian Deanna says:

      Thank you Kerri!! Glad you stopped by!! They are worth it!! I’ve had some pieces for 6 years and they are still structured!

  2. Cali says:

    The struggles of trying on Lulu and not being able to get it all!! I LOVE the ebb to street pant– my favorite of all lulu and other brands! Also love the run swiftly tank 😀 Just found your site, loving it! :) I really enjoyed your article about improving your metabolism. I’m in prep for my 2nd bikini comp and it makes so much sense… also how you mentioned that it doesn’t reflect the mental growth you’ve had– which is even harder for people to understand. Thanks for sharing!

    • Dietitian Deanna says:

      Thank you so much for reading!! Good luck with your prep – remember it is more about the journey than the actual day. Don’t hesitate to email me with questions about reverse dieting afterwards!

  3. Kate @ Kate Lives Healthy says:

    I splurged a few months ago on the All the right places pant and love them too! I have been keeping an eye out on the sale page of the website and if I see them there I may need to grab another pair. They are so comfortable and fit really well.

    • Dietitian Deanna says:

      YES!!! Totally love them and worked out in them this week and got so many compliments. Glad you feel me!!!

  4. Melissa says:

    I know you said you eat intuitiveley but at one point tracked macros. Did you just get up to the point where you could eyeball it or just eat roughly what you think you need/when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full? Love your page!!

    • Dietitian Deanna says:

      YES!!! We use a substitution list with clients to be able to fit ANY and ALL foods into your intake whether it be sweet potato, organic berries, Pringles or Oreos (which is how I learned). We also focus on portions by using a food scale in the beginning (many foods are eye opening!!) This helped me learn TRUE portions, gain the confidence to eat any foods in the right portions, and turn my eating habits into a lifestyle. I now choose lean proteins, carbs, healthy fats and eat what I am craving!! No foods are off-limits which leads to never overeating on ‘unclean’ foods. So yes, exactly what you said — it is worth it!!!!

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