What I Ate Wednesday: Blogging and Passions

How are you doing today?

I had an epiphany this weekend that although I love social media and I love blogging, I am just not sure I could give up my weekends or social events or spontaneous invites to watch play-off games or go to the pool or ANYTHING to take pictures of food.  There, I said it.  I know my real passion is helping others with their own nutrition – whether that be on a one-to-one basis OR on a larger scale like what I enjoy for work.  And thus I know my pictures do help people in that regard, however, for me, it is only an outlet of what my passion is.

Does that make sense?  I guess I don’t want to come across like I am complaining, as I started this blog and I truly blog because I love to interact with others.  And I want to produce great content and engage amazing people.  And even help new clients with their relationship with food and reaching their goals!  So maybe I am playing the comparison game (i.e. there are so many amazing bloggers and IG’ers with so many beautiful food photos and amazing recipes).  And maybe I am a perfectionist.  But I hope to inspire by more than just my pictures of food.  And I truly hope I can continue to connect and inspire, even if those random spontaneous life events takes precedence over taking pictures of my meals in beautiful lighting or creating the perfect image.

I know Alexis (The Hummusapien) talked about this today; the fact that finding a balance with work, blog, social media, friends, family, exercise, travel is hard, and I completely understand where she is coming from – as well as probably everyone on the planet!!!  Life is busy – and truly meant to be lived :)


Sesame Ezekiel Toast, a smear of vanilla Stonyfield Greek yogurt, plump raspberries, TJ’s organic creamy peanut butter, and San Franola high protein California raisin granola (use code DietitianDeanna for 20% off!!).  Also had a chocolate Slap Nutrition smoothie on the side which went unpictured (just 1/2 frozen banana, ice, unsweetened almond milk, protein powder and blend)!


Went  to a friends house this weekend to watch the Pens game this weekend and put on real makeup (instead of just concealer and mascara!).



Huge plate of organic salad greens, sweet potato, avocado an egg, heirloom tomatoes, and peach salsa from Trader Joe’s. thumb_IMG_2523_1024

YUM. Cookie tray from a cookout the man and I went to! Ended up skipping these :)



Instead, had a Chocolate Almond Spice Square bar.  This flavor is in my top 3!! Chocolate mint is still the top! (use my code DietitianDeanna for 20% off!)



Recreation of the recipe I posted last week (even though I forgot the picture and thus am reusing an old picture) Steamed sweet potato stuffed with hummus, chickpeas, FF feta, kale, and tomatoes with an omelette + more broccoli on the side!thumb_IMG_2401_1024My obsession with this mugcake is still in full force. Topped with M&M’s, toffee bits, and 2 Oreos! Recipe for the Chocolate PB cup mugcake is here. 

If you’re a blogger, do you have these same feelings??

What else would you like to see if I’m unable to capture amazing photos??

4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: Blogging and Passions

  1. Victoria says:

    OMG yes girl! It’s such a struggle for balance. I think its worth the hustle because I do want to have my own business (one day), but since the beginning I have been careful not to let it completely take over EVERY single weekend and spare moment I have. Socializing with friends, exercising, spending time with my family (husband + animals) and quality sleep will always take priority. I may work some weekends, but I make sure to not do that every weekend. If that means I don’t have as many followers, than so be it! I don’t want to burn out, ya know?! All your eats looks delish! We still need to plan a meet up soon with all of us Tampa Bay bloggers/dietitians out there :)

    • Dietitian Deanna says:

      Thanks Hilary!! You’re amazing and thank you for the support :) Now to check out your eats….!

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