Week in the Life on Instagram

I wanted to go back over this past week on Instagram to recap all the images I have posted over the past week!  I wish Instagram could capture all the amazing moments that happen outside of/behind the screen :)

thumb_IMG_6519_1024 Can’t believe it’s been over a full week since the Fourth of July!  I have been trying to embrace more crop tops and this two piece chambray crop top and skirt I found on Lulu’s is just perfect (I ordered the XS for size reference)!  I wore this to a dinner last Saturday night with friends.


The Fourth involved a red, white, and blue bikini, grilling out, pool time, and boating at Allie’s house! I made a huge veggie platter with homemade guacamole and I have officially fallen in love with pugs!thumb_IMG_6298_1024



Grilled mahi-mahi burgers, grilled veggies, guac and hummus!


>>LOOK AT THAT FACE<< Allie almost let me take him home!!


Obsessed with this view!

thumb_IMG_6317_1024 thumb_IMG_6318_1024


We celebrated my brother’s birthday this past week as well and a piece of cake and 2 chocolate chip cookies hit the spot!  This was an Oreo cake with buttercream frosting that was AMAZING.

thumb_IMG_6336_1024  Another exciting thing that happened this week: My article on Intermittent Fasting was posted  on FoodandNutrition.org!


I worked out a couple times this week (Weekly Workout post to come). thumb_IMG_6393_1024

I got to show off the hard work and progress of one of my clients!

And this past weekend, I enjoyed a veggie burger and fries, protein waffles, pizza, and ice cream. All while not feeling like I went overboard or sacrificing my goals. Win win!






How was your week?





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  1. Taryn says:

    Hi Deanna! What are your favorite protein powders? Love reading your blog + Insta, it’s so nice to get food inspiration ?

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