Here are some ways Deanna can work with you:


Customized Nutrition Program

The MOST POPULAR option.  Deanna believes in a fully customized and individualized approach to nutrition.

If you are looking for a customized 8 or 12 week program with unlimited support and resources to reach the goals you have always wanted, please look over our HealthyBody Nutrition Consulting programs.

12 Week Customized Nutrition Program: $500

8 Week Customized Nutrition Program: $400

One-Time Macro Consult 

If you are looking for help with your nutrition intake but don’t want a customized coaching package, this is the option for you!  Deanna will give you all the resources you need to get started with a fully customized nutrition program and one program adjustment based on goals.


Diet Analysis

Do you have questions about your nutrition habits?  Do you feel stuck in a rut with your current diet?  Let Deanna review and analyze your current routine to ensure you are on track to your healthiest self.


Initial Phone Consultation (30 or 60 Minutes)
Do you have questions about your nutrition or fitness routine?  Do you wish you had a professional to help with your diet?   Deanna is available to analyze your dietary and lifestyle habits, answer all of your health and nutrition questions, and provide you with personalized recommendations and tips to reach your goals, while explaining the science behind it all.

$175 for 30 minutes ($250 for 60 minutes)

Registered Dietitian Phone Consultation (30 or 60 Minutes)

Are you a dietetics student or registered dietitian who has questions about creating and growing your own business? Do you want to grow a social media presence? Are you wondering how to become a registered dietitian? Deanna can answer your questions, strategize a plan, provide resources, and give you tips on how to achieve your own business goals!

$175 for 30 minutes ($250 for 60 minutes)

Please email me at for questions and/or more information about what my services include.  

Areas of Expertise:
• Flexible Dieting
• Sports Nutrition/Athletic Performance
• Food Intolerances
• Reverse Dieting/Improving metabolism
• Fat Loss/Weight Loss
• Disordered Eating
• Intuitive Eating
• Diabetes and Borderline Diabetes
• Vegan/Vegetarian Eating
• Fatigue and Stress
• Building a social media brand
• Growing clientele
• Creating and owning your own business




Article Requests

Looking to add the expertise of a registered dietitian nutritionist to your article, website, or magazine? Deanna loves to contribute her knowledge, science-based practices, and tips through writing. Please see samples of her work here and here.

Product exposure

Hoping to expose your product to a large, targeted audience?  Deanna would love to sample and provide a product review!  Deanna’s followers trust the products she uses, as long as it is a product she would already purchase and use.

Brand Sponsorship/Sponsored Posts

Do you want a dietitian to represent your brand, grow your audience, and  show others how your brand can fit into a healthy lifestyle?  Deanna can develop gorgeous photos, meal ideas and recipes to showcase the diversity of your product and brand.

Please email me at for pricing information, my experience, and/or my media kit.