My Current Training

Happy Friday!!  I haven’t posted much about my current workout schedule and wanted to provide a quick update as to what I’ve been doing.  Especially with my decision to not compete in a fitness competition anymore, I still want to set goals, stay motivated, and have a fit physique.




This has been my split for the majority of January and February:





Shoulders/Abs or Plyos

I am currently lifting 4 days per week and I really like this split as it allows me to be flexible with my weekends (if I want to lift, attend a workout class, attend an outdoor bootcamp or do a trail run) and I can always schedule in 1 rest day per week.


This past week I switched it up (due to boredom mostly and wanting a new split) and did this split:





Back/Abs and/or Plyos

I hope this gives you a good idea about how I split up my workouts.  My main goal is to lift weights 4 times per week!  This is what’s working for me currently.  Prepping for my show I was lifting weights 6 times per week and worked variations of my legs 3 times per week (!) but I have just tapered this down to what I want to focus on right now.  My main goals have been to progress with my lifts (lifting heavier) and not do too much at any workout in order to be consistent instead of “all or nothing”.  Realizing that there is always TOMORROW to hit that other body part you want to train.  I always pick at least 3 exercises for each body part and start with a compound (multijoint) movement and then move to accessory work.

What is your current split?