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Guys, this weekend was really unhealthy.  I did not binge or ever feel out of control with foods BUT I ate way too much sugar and fried foods and minimal lean protein, fruits, and vegetables.  As you can see above, I consumed meals out for almost every meal and ate my weight in bread dipped in olive oil, sweet potato tator tots, frozen yogurt with cookies and brownies, rolls of sushi, coconut ice cream, chocolate truffles, dishes with heavy cream sauces, donuts, and wine to name a few.  Honestly, I usually stay pretty healthy on the weekends because of my flexible dieting lifestyle and the fact that I can fit in ANY foods I want on a daily basis, however this weekend was just a weekend I didn’t follow any rules.  And that’s OK.  I typically don’t ever recommend to clients an entire day or weekend of free-for-all eating (as this can DEFINITELY derail progress) but my body is in a really good place metabolically.  The glucose-insulin sugar roller coaster was definitely a REAL phenomenon though and now its Monday.  And I want to talk about my 4 tips on what to do after a weekend of overeating (plus what I ate on Monday). 


breakfast/cream of rice, vanilla plant-based protein, cinnamon, fresh organic raspberries, and coconut butter

  1. Eat a huge breakfast. Literally my metabolism is on fire after a weekend of indulgence. Why completely confuse it by undereating/restricting food come Monday?  Go about your day as normally as possible and EAT all your meals.  Yes, even if you don’t feel hungry.  DON’T skip meals.  You will overeat later on.  TRUST ME. 


lunch//huge salad with organic greens, 1/2 avocado, 1 hardboiled egg, Trader Joe’s chicken-less chicken strips and about 1 Tbsp Bolthouse Farms balsamic vinaigrette dressing


preworkout snack//Peanut butter chocolate chip Square bar (20% off with code DietitianDeanna at checkout) , 2 Tbsp chocolate peanut butter powdered nuts n more, and 1/2 banana

2. Hold responsibility for the way you ate.  Don’t make excuses i.e. ‘it was my friends birthday’ or ‘why did my Mom have to make homemade brownies’.  If you chose the food, you are responsible for how you feel afterwards too.  If you can own up to what you did, you are more likely to feel responsible for your actions which will make it easier to decide to eat healthy starting NOW.  If you can’t take responsibility, you may end up wallowing in your overconsumption and thinking “Oh I’ll never be able to eat healthy enough to get the body I want”. 


dinner//sprouted grain toast (Ezekiel), 1/4 avocado mashed, 1 egg, big bowl of broccoli with Sriracha drizzled on top, 1/2 cup raspberries

3. Create a workout plan and move more during the day.  Getting re-motivated to hit the gym and having a few killer workouts after a weekend of indulgence is the perfect way to use those calories for muscle growth (#gains) and feel confident in your healthy lifestyle again.  Plan out your workouts for the week and write them DOWN in a planner or in your phone calendar.  Try out a new strength training split (i.e. I moved from a 4 day split to a Push/Pull/Legs split this week).  Try out a new class at the gym. Invite a friend to go for a walk.  Even just moving more each day will have a huge impact on your overall total daily energy expenditure and help lose that unwanted water weight. 


bedtime snack//protein mugcake (1/2 scoop PES chocolate peanut butter, 2 Tbsp coconut flour, and water microwaved for 1:30), 2 Tbsp peanut butter, 2 Birthday Cake Oreo’s, and a tablespoon of M&M baking chips. Yes, I still ate 2 Oreo’s on Monday.

4. GET OVER IT.  You are a continual work in progress.  Ask yourself this: if I weighed 3 lbs more after this weekend (even though you probably wouldn’t or blame water weight because you most definitely  didn’t eat an extra 10,500 calories), what would happen?  Seriously though, ask yourself.  

What are the consequences of weighing 3 lbs more?  Is weighing 3 lbs more the end of the world?

It’s OK to weigh 3 lbs more at certain times of our lives. Heck, its OK to gain 10 lbs if you need it.  Your weight and conditioning will NEVER be a constant, you are ALWAYS a work in progress. So if you weigh 3 extra lbs this month, clean up your act for 1-2 weeks and see that weight creep back down.  If you don’t want to get back on track and enjoy eating donuts, frozen yogurt, and fried foods all weekend, then keep doing that but don’t complain about the 3 extra lbs.

How do you overcome weekend overeating?

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  1. Liz @ I Heart Vegetables says:

    I love your approach! I definitely have more indulgent days and cleaner days but it all balances out in the end. I feel like after a stretch of sugar/fried foods/etc. I end up craving lots of greens!

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