3 Easy Lunch Recipes Using Avocado


Ever get bored of your typical lunch?  Yea, me too. There is only so much chicken, broccoli,  sweet potato, and almonds someone can eat (or fish in my case)!!

Recipe Redux (a recipe link-up founded by Registered Dietitians) this month got me thinking, what makes the TASTIEST lunches in my opinion? And what helps get me out of my lunch rut?

One word: AVOCADO.


So instead of one MAIN recipe, I’m highlighting 3 of my favorite lunch recipes featuring the goddess of healthy fats.

  1. Avocado salad with roasted sweet potato wedges, egg, and peach salsa



2. Baked salmon with sautéed kale mix, tomato + basil, lentils, and avocado. Full recipe here.


3. Cinnamon raisin toast with mashed avocado (plus Himalayan pink sea salt) and a fried egg

thumb_IMG_0696_1024I wish I could choose my favorite recipe but instead I’m about to go eat some toast with mashed avocado :)

Tell me:

What’s your favorite lunch time recipe?

Favorite recipe with avocados?!