I am just like you. I have tried many diets from ‘clean eating’, ‘Paleo’ to counting calories and macros. I have had a long battle with under-eating, orthorexia and even overcame an eating disorder (anorexia nervosa) in high school and college. I used to place my worth in my body size and cared too much what other people thought of me.

I am here to help you understand nutrition, HOW all foods can fit, and lead you to your healthiest, most abundant life while growing confident in your body and your life. I help clients who are confused with their nutrition choices grow confident in their choices and overcome any stress and guilt around food.

My name is Deanna. I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a passion for intuitive eating, overcoming food rules, body confidence, growing and scaling your online private practice and helping YOU become your most empowered self.

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I also teach dietitians, nutrition professionals, coaches, counselors, and RD2Be's how to run thriving online private practices. With my proven method, you learn how to find and work with your ideal client, market and sell your services authentically online, create your offer plus gain 100% clarity on the ins and outs of owning an online business in order to reach consistent $10K months. 

In the early years as a dietitian, I was underpaid, overworked and making little impact. Fast forward a few years and I now have a team of 10, have grown to a 7-figure business, speak nationally, have a top 10 podcast, make an impact, and run a successful business using marketing, sales and biz strategies I have put in place. 

Stick around! I show you that understanding food without fear-mongering & tapping into hunger cues is powerful PLUS overhaul the idea that 'serving sizes', counting calories, cutting items out of your diet, and following diet trends is healthy. When my clients invest in my programs, they don’t have to diet or count calories for the rest of their lives. 

My main focus is helping YOU overcome restriction and rules around diet and exercise and finally make your own hours and own your dream biz.

I have my Master of Science Degree in Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition from the University of Pittsburgh.

I have been working full-time as an entrepreneur and CEO of Dietitian Deanna, LLC since August 2020 and am honored you are here.  

I teach you HOW to eat and not WHAT to eat.

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