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Do you want to stop dieting for good and heal your relationship with food and your body?

Don't want to re-start a diet AGAIN

Don't understand your metabolism and want to learn

Want to improve your relationship with food, once and for-all

Need help improving your body image

Are confused with what to eat and want to learn how to make balanced meals without counting/weighing

Are always looking for a new diet and desire more freedom around food

Don't trust your body to tell you when you're hungry or full

This is for you if you:

a group program to support your journey in creating a life free from food

Food Freedom Breakthrough

Virtual Kickoff Event (via Zoom - replay available)

Weekly video modules from me

Food Freedom Method Workbook to take action, help you make changes and stick to them

Meal structure/planning resources to eat with confidence

Bonus body image work to get to a place of body love

BONUS Intuitive Eating Guide For Meal & Snack Essentials

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Your relationship with yourself and food is important, it's time to uncomplicate it with my help. 

Breaking free from food rules and feeling like you deserve satisfying meals isn't something that came easy to me and I had to use ALL the tools I am giving you throughout this program to NEVER turn back. 

Traditional intuitive eating can seem impossible and HARD if you aren't given the right tools, knowledge and action steps to never turn back to dieting. 


what makes this different?

How to EAT! Without stress, guilt, counting or overthinking. Finally live life outside counting macronutrients or calories and trying the next diet. 

phase 3: 3 Weeks of Nutrition 101

To improve your body image for good. Includes limiting beliefs, overeating, body dysmorphia, where weight loss fits in and freedom at last.

phase 2: 4 Weeks of Body Image Work

You'll learn how to reintroduce off-limit foods, what your set-point theory weight is, how to finally ditch dieting (tons of research-based evidence) and all about your metabolism with clear action items and worksheets.

phase 1: 5 Weeks of Rewiring your Thinking Around Food and Weight

Welcome to Food Freedom Breakthrough Program!

Module 1: Your Why

Module 2: Ditching Diets: Set Point Theory and Beyond

Module 3: Metabolism- Why you need to eat more than 1200 calories

Module 4: Reintroducing off-limit foods

Module 5: Limiting Beliefs Workshop

Module 6: Body Image

Module 7: Overeating: What to do next?!

Module 8: Body Image Work

Module 9: Nutrition 101-Carb, Protein, Fat without 'tracking macros', how to read a food label

Module 10: How to Eat: Breakfast + Snacks Planning and Structure

Module 11: Lunch/Dinner Meal Structure and Dining Out

Module 12: Food Freedom at Last

Course curriculum

the modules

Life is less anxious. I can eat whatever my body is telling me that it craves. I have tried so  many different foods and combinations of foods that were off limits beforehand. I eyeball my portion sizes and don't think about how many grams of protein, fat, or carbs something might be.

"I feel like food isn't controlling me and I'm not trying to control food."


I feel happier and lighter. I have more mental energy to focus on what is important to me - being a loving person. I trust my body to tell me when I'm hungry and full. I am learning more and more how to eat and stop within the ideal hunger range. I have some new clothes to fit into! I view working out as a place to see progress in the movements I do/weights and not in how it all makes me look. There are not even mirrors at the gym! I feel like I've found a way to live and I don't have to re-start again, which is a huge relief.

"I trust my body to tell me when I'm hungry and full."


This program has helped me in so many ways and I know it is just the beginning of my journey. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone. It has been HARD. It has been SCARY. It has been EMOTIONAL. But I know that each challenge and struggle has pushed me further towards my goal. I have totally ditched the scale, which is huge for me. It has also helped me to separate myself form that need/desire to be perfect. I am so thankful for this community you have built.

"It has helped me to separate myself from that need/desire to be perfect."


This is the longest I have gone in 4+ years without tracking and doing away with food rules. I finally have less stress around food. These wins have been life changing! 

So much of my identity was wrapped up in being the "fit" chick that it has been a major shift to realize there is so much more to me that I want to be remembered for.

"I finally have less stress around food."


I feel calmer about food and less obsessed. I feel more in control of my body. I feel more aware of my impulses vs my history of overeating. Most group programs I give up after a week or two but this one was different- the live interactive touch bases and process were incredible. This program was eye opening and I finally have the confidence to not go back to dieting. I no longer feel guilt and shame around my body or my 'willpower'.

"I feel more in control of my body."


Before this program, I punished myself for not exercising or eating 'too much', I hated my body and was scared of food. Now, I have a community of women who understand me and a workbook to look back on when I'm having a rough day. I feel more comfortable in my body and can exercise without so much stress.

"I feel more comfortable in my body."


I am able to actually tell when I am hungry and not just when I "should" eat and I have way more energy because I'm not "macro-hoarding" for later. It's been a literal game changer. I also can go out to eat and to social events without stressing about every single thing I put in my mouth. It feels so freeing to go to a restaurant and order what I want and not what I've deemed the most "macro friendly".

"I eat the foods I want to eat, not just what fits into my 'macros'."


My quality of sleep has drastically improved, I am sleeping through the night and into the morning a little longer. I have less headaches, more energy, and my mood is more stable. My performance in my workouts has also improved (in only 4 weeks!)

"I have less headaches, more energy, and my mood is more stable."


I am just like you. I have tried too many diets (from counting macros to clean eating), restricted my intake, and battled my metabolism. I used to place my worth in my body size and cared too much about what other people thought of me. 

After overcoming restriction, dieting, and improving my body image while finally understanding the foods that work for me, I've helped hundreds of 1:1 clients do the same. I am here to help you understand nutrition, how all foods can fit, and lead you to your healthiest, most abundant life while growing confident in your body and life. 

I help clients who are confused with their diet grow in their choices, understand their metabolism, reintroduce off-limit foods, and overcome confusion around meal planning. 

I'm honored you're here and want to finally change your ways for GOOD.

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Yes, we have varying options for your budget. Beyond the pay in full option, we also have an option for a payment plan that spreads out the monthly payments over 6 months.

Is there a payment plan?

Deanna has been working with clients to improve their relationship with food for 5+ years and has finally decided it's time to create a program more people can be a part of. Deanna has used this same framework to help hundreds of women, including herself, and knows it's not easy to do this alone. You must put in the work but with what you get in the program, she knows this will transform your life. Please also see the testimonials from some of the women in the previous programs. 

How do I know this works?

This program does not substitute eating disorder treatment nor is for someone who feels they may have an active eating disorder. This program does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship. For eating disorder information and referrals contact NEDA.

Is this a course for someone with an eating disorder?

You can enroll in Food Freedom Breakthrough at any time!

When does the program start?

This program is 12 weeks long with a live kickoff event, weekly video lessons, weekly learning modules, Food Freedom Breakthrough workbook and journal prompts to help you create a life free from food.

How long is the group  program and what's included?

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Now is your time to finally live a different life.

Are you sick of dieting, restriction, overeating and hating your body?