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Online Entrepreneur Academy

Do you feel like you need a proven framework, actionable steps, support from a powerful community of like-minded entrepreneurs and most importantly, someone who has been where you want to go? 

Then this program was made for you.

With our proven framework, you will receive the formula you need to impact the world, gain clarity on content and program creation, and understand how to get clients and change lives

Online Entrepreneur Academy

We cover everything you need to know in order to grow your audience on Instagram consistently, find and work with your ideal client, market and sell your services authentically, create your online offer and be part of a group of like-minded female entrepreneurs to gain clarity and confidence. 

PLUS, you'll receive 1:1 time with Deanna to strategize key steps in your business, earn the income you deserve and master marketing and sales without being 'salesy'.

With our proven framework, you will receive the formula you need to impact the world, gain clarity on content and program creation, and understand how to get clients and change lives. 

inside the program

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12 BIZ BUILDING MODULES | With templates for the A-Z's of running your dream biz, like LLC creation, tools for easy onboarding, creating your offer, pricing your services, easy content creation templates, selling without being 'salesy', and way, way more . And yes, you can download them + keep them forever!

24/7 COMMUNITY ACCESS | Slack workspace for motivation, accountability & Q&A opportunities to get answers in real-time

(2) 1:1 COACHING SESSIONS: Deep-dive into your business + strategic planning


DIETITIAN BUSINESS GROWTH WORKBOOK | Exclusive worksheets to accompany the modules with clear steps for maximum clarity + results

ONLINE PLATFORM for ALL resources, templates and workbook

PEERS: networking and support with other professionals working on similar goals

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One of my biggest fears was that I was still in school and not ready to start my business yet, boy was I wrong! This program solidified my focus within dietetics and the content to build for clients I will work with. It showed me what to start with NOW to start earning income. It gave them the tools to build my business seamlessly behind Instagram - everything from my email marketing tool, waitlist builder, and how to format a program around intuitive eating. I have a waitlist of hundreds of women ready to work with me and have also started taking clients on. 

"It's nice to see everything broken out for what I need for a successful program with NO time or energy wasted figuring it out myself."

Adison @adisonbarnhart

I've spent almost three years feeling stuck in my private practice. I've listened to all of the podcasts, read the books, and thought I was doing all of the right things. But the effort I was putting in wasn't yielding the results I wanted. Deanna helped me focus on what is important and given me the courage to take action on ideas. She demystified what it means to be a successful virtual private practice owner. The investment is already changing my life in ways that far exceeded the monetary value I've committed.

"I accomplished more in 4 weeks of working with Deanna than those first 3 years."


I am just like you. In the early years of my virtual business, I was working hard but not seeing the clarity, impact, and income I knew I deserved. 

Fast forward a few years and I now own a operate a multi-six-figure successful virtual business all from Instagram. 

And it's possible for you to do that too!

meet your mentor

Nobody has YOUR story and can teach from that experience. There are also a lot of people online coaching who do not have the training and expertise YOU HAVE. A mentor and proven process will change everything.

the online space feels too saturated right now.

3 months

How long is the program commitment?

No! My past clients land clients and create consistent income with less than 1,000 followers.

Do I need to have a ton of followers on Instagram?

The way we work is life changing and building a virtual business NOW is the key to your future.

Life is uncertain and I'm scared of the commitment.

Yes! You can pay monthly over 3 months, 4 months, monthly over 6 months, or pay in full.

Is there a payment plan?

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