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I believe women should feel confident in their food choices and empowered in their business

I sat down for Deats With Deanna with Shanna Hutcheson, the non-diet Registered Dietitian, wife, new mom, Kansas gal, and blogger behind Wellness For The Win. She practices and promotes a balanced approach to health, and encourages others to eat a variety of foods that nourish and satisfy them, engage in joyful movement, and practice […]

My good friend (dare I say twin?) Lauren Cadillac, @feelgooddietitian, registered dietitian, certified intuitive eating counselor, certified personal trainer, and retired bikini competitor stopped by Deats with Deanna to chat with me about breaking free of diet culture. This is such an important topic and our discussion is something everyone should hear. We were all basically raised in this […]

I am so lucky to have a really amazing partner in my life. Zack and I met in college, battled some long-distance love, have grown together, and helped each other through SO MUCH of life.  Zack has been a big support for me towards body positive image and eating support plus supported so many of my […]

This is the longest I have gone in 4+ years without tracking and doing away with food rules. I finally have less stress around food. These wins have been life changing! 

So much of my identity was wrapped up in being the "fit" chick that it has been a major shift to realize there is so much more to me that I want to be remembered for.

"I finally have less stress around food."


I feel calmer about food and less obsessed. I feel more in control of my body. I feel more aware of my impulses vs my history of overeating. Most group programs I give up after a week or two but this one was different- the live interactive touch bases and process were incredible. This program was eye opening and I finally have the confidence to not go back to dieting. I no longer feel guilt and shame around my body or my 'willpower'.

"I feel more in control of my body."


Before this program, I punished myself for not exercising or eating 'too much', I hated my body and was scared of food. Now, I have a community of women who understand me and a workbook to look back on when I'm having a rough day. I feel more comfortable in my body and can exercise without so much stress.

"I feel more comfortable in my body."


I am able to actually tell when I am hungry and not just when I "should" eat and I have way more energy because I'm not "macro-hoarding" for later. It's been a literal game changer. I also can go out to eat and to social events without stressing about every single thing I put in my mouth. It feels so freeing to go to a restaurant and order what I want and not what I've deemed the most "macro friendly".

"I eat the foods I want to eat, not just what fits into my 'macros'."


My quality of sleep has drastically improved, I am sleeping through the night and into the morning a little longer. I have less headaches, more energy, and my mood is more stable. My performance in my workouts has also improved (in only 4 weeks!)

"I have less headaches, more energy, and my mood is more stable."