My Morning Routine


Today I am chatting all about my morning routine! I get a lot of questions about my apple cider vinegar drink, what kind of coffee I drink, or how I start off my day so positive, so I thought I’d share!

  1. Journal. I spend 10-15 minutes journaling in the morning. Usually it’s thoughts I have about life or what I’m going through or mantras I want to remember. I typically use my notes section of my phone to write things out and process them while I’m still in bed. It helps me understand what I am going through and work through the feelings. It’s been an amazing tool during my intuitive eating and food freedom journey!
  2. Quick make-up routine (concealer, mascara, eye brows! oh and highlighter) and put on my ‘work from home’ clothes (usually leggings, sports bras and t-shirts or sweaters). Working from home is definitely a privilege and I find if I put on a little bit of make-up and put effort into my outfit for the day (I never wear just pajamas!) it makes me feel that much more productive. I typically shower at night so I just moisturize again but don’t wash my face as my skin is really dry. Also brush my teeth of course! I do all of this before I go downstairs (we sleep in our upstairs loft area).
  3. Make my apple cider vinegar drink + take probiotics once downstairs. I mix a capful of Bragg’s ACV with 8 oz cold water, squeeze of lemon (I slice an organic lemon at beginning of week and store in the fridge) and a tiny bit of stevia! Like an apple juice-lemonade! I chug this down before anything else and just love how it makes me feel. I also take probiotics which I can’t wait to share more with you soon because they make me SUPER regular 🙂
  4. Decaf coffee. I weaned off caffeine 3 years ago and it was the best decision ever. No crazy rollercoasters with anxiety, shaking, feeling like I can’t focus or energy lulls in the afternoon. I have a cup of decaf with a few drops of stevia and a splash of almond milk while I get onto my computer and start work.
  5. I check emails and follow-up on anything needed, start conference call and work and then stretch for a little bit. I try to stretch most mornings after I’ve worked for 30-60 minutes. My body is a little more warmed up at this point and I love this early break in my day. I also make breakfast at this point and spend 10 minutes enjoying this. I work out in the evenings (I walk to the gym with Zack) so that’s typically what my morning consists of!

How does your morning routine differ?