Wedding Skin Care


The wedding count-down is on! We are only 5 weeks away! Zack and I are both so EXCITED for the day to be here but are working to be present in each day right now, especially as our final planning evolves. It has been fun to hear from our friends who are traveling in for the day, finalizing details with our photographer, and talking to our venue coordinator about the day and timeline and fun surprises we have planned.

But, instead of more wedding talk, I wanted to share with you what I have been doing in regards to my skin for the big day. Absolutely none of this is needed for your wedding day but I am happy with the results and glad I am taking measures NOW to fine tune my skin care routine. Also, honing in on a skin care routine you love before your wedding can impact how you feel about yourself on the big day, which can help relieve that pressure you feel to diet, over-exercise, etc that many brides can feel.

Five Months Out

I invested in a skin care routine I liked. This includes Tula, CocoKind, and Primally Pure.

I use:

Primally Pure Cleansing oil to take make-up off every night (I use a pad and it seems to be softer on my eyes than straight cleanser). I also love the blue tansy deodorant (the smell lasts ALL day and smells like the freshest flowers) and the complexion mist.

Tula face cleanser each night after oil to clean my face

Tula day and night cream each night after washing to moisturize

Cocokind Organic Facial Repair Serum when my skin is drier than normal (typically 2-3 x per week at night)

Tula Revitalizing Eye cream to help with puffiness/dark circles/lines

I don’t re-wash my face in the morning (I shower at night and use these products then) but do use the day and night cream linked above before make-up!

P.S. I started out with this Tula kit to ensure I’d like the products!

Four Months Out

I visited Jenna, a friend and Registered Nurse at Sistine Plastic Surgery to try micro-needling. I had heard about this as a way to get a ‘radiant glow’ and be preventive in skin aging by sloughing off the first layer of dead skin. The wedding has been a welcome excuse to focus on my skin!

The Sistine location I went to in Pittsburgh (Highland Park) was gorgeous and Jenna was so welcoming and professional.

She walked me through what she would be doing as I’m super crazy and careful about my skin after abusing it in the sun when I was younger 🙂 The SkinPen used honestly doesn’t hurt at all with the cream used. Right after the procedure, my skin was RED. It felt like a sunburn. I applied the gel I was provided every hour or so to keep my skin moist. Day 2 my skin was tight and I kept applying the gel. Day 3 my skin was starting to slough off and reveal fresh skin underneath. Day 4 my skin was just about clear. Day 5 my fresh skin felt great and I was able to apply make-up. I created a photo slide of Day 1 to Day 5 below.

You can see on Day 5, my skin looks SO good. I am super happy with the results and Jenna even mentioned you can get this done every few years to be preventive about skin aging. Even weeks later I am still noticing a difference in my skin texture, clearer skin tone and smaller pores. It’s still key to wear sunscreen and eat a diet full of healthy fats and nutrients but I have loved taking the time (with the prompt of my wedding) to really focus on my skin!

If you are local to Pittsburgh, Sistine was nice enough to offer $100 off ANY treatment with Jenna, RN OR a free consultation to discuss your skin. Just visit to schedule an appointment and mention my Instagram handle or name “Deanna”.

One Month Out

I’ve been using Crest White Strips on my teeth to keep them white. I’m not changing much with my skin care routine I love! I plan to trial run my organic spray tan I will get before the big day this month as well. And I had my make-up trial with my make-up artist as well that I am obsessed with.

That is all!

Any skin care routine questions?