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What's It Like To Be An Eating Disorder Dietitian?

And How To Be Health Focused vs Weight Focused

What’s It Like To Be An Eating Disorder Dietitian?

3 Ways To Ramp Up Streams Of Income

Do you have these streams of income?

3 Ways To Ramp Up Streams Of Income

What you need to do before starting your business

You have to do THIS first…

What You Need To Do Before Starting Your Business

How do I build a 6-figure practice with less than 1000 followers?

Plus 3 top tips to raise an Intuitive Eater

How Do I Build A 6-figure Practice With Less Than 1000 Followers?

How Do I Build an Online Business If I'm Not In Nutrition?

How she built a $25K+/month online business

How Do I Build an Online Business if I’m Not in Nutrition?

Breaking Free From A Limited Mindset

Do you have a limited mindset?!

Breaking Free From A Limited Mindset

Overcoming Burnout: Entrepreneur Edition

How to know if you are truly burnt out + what to do about it?

Overcoming Burnout: Entrepreneur Edition

Can a Dietitian Start a Business Right Out of School?

Overcoming an ED as a dancer + not waiting to start your biz

Can an RD Start a Business Right Out of School?

Why saying “no” helped build my dream business

My Journey from RD to Entrepreneur

How to stop letting work control your life.

Struggling Setting Boundaries in Your Business?

Why I'm Obsessed with Entrepreneurship

I’m not going to lie. When I first started out as a dietitian, I was underpaid, overworked, and felt defeated because I was not making the impact I knew I was capable of. I was burned out before even kicking off my career.

Why I’m Obsessed with Entrepreneurship

From Solopreneur to CEO—Starting and Scaling A Business

Just because you CAN do it all, doesn’t mean you should.

Going from ‘solopreneur’ to CEO feels like a monumental change. But it all starts with mindset—Trust me, the actions will follow.

Even if you’re doing everything yourself as a ‘one person show,’ that doesn’t mean you’re doing it well (Sorry, but it’s true). I am GREAT at making content. I love it. It’s my jam. But building out a funnel? I CAN do it. But would it be done better and faster if I handed it off? Hell yeah! So I do. Offloading tasks that you don’t enjoy, aren’t the best at, or that take you too much time is the foundation for transitioning from solopreneur to CEO.

From Solopreneur to CEO—Starting and Scaling A Business

Are you Burnt-Out?

Burnout: Pivoting and How to Overcome

Are you burnt-out?

As an entrepreneur, it can be hard to decide where to spend your money to improve your business. Should it go towards a team member? Coaching? New equipment? Or… should you spend it on new Nike dunks instead? (We’ve all been there…just bought a new pair of dunks the other day. Worth every penny.) Check out the top 4 investments for entrepreneurs based on my own experience growing a multiple 7 figure brand!

How to Decide What’s Worth Investing In for Your Business

If you’ve ever wondered about how to take control of your finances as a female, this is all what we’re doing on this episode of DEATS. About a month ago, I decided to hire a financial advisor. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come in my life; my financial journey just going from like […]

DEATS With Deanna: Your Female Money Mentor

This week’s Deats with Deanna episode is so incredible. Our guest is Sarah Galletti, the founder and chief creative officer of Tattooed Chef, which you guys have probably seen it in your local grocery shop. It is the fastest growing plant based frozen food company. Tattooed Chef recently went public and Sarah is like the […]

Deats with Deanna: Founder of Tattooed Chef Speaks Candidly on her Journey

You’re probably here because you want to hear the lowdown on the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo, which was in Orlando, Florida this year earlier in October. So I’m going to give you the lowdown from my perspective, the juiciest details on what went down. I mean, I literally can’t say it enough. I […]

Deats With Deanna: FNCE

Since a lot of us are working from home, I figured I’d share my favorite ‘essentials’. I have been working from home for almost 5 years so this girl has got her routine DOWN. And I hope you’ve gotten a little better after the past few months. I know it still feels strange to work […]

How to Successfully Work from Home

I absolutely LOVE getting to coach and educate dietitians on building a business from Instagram. My program, Dietitian Entrepreneur Academy, is for dietitians and RD2Bes who are ready to start and grow their virtual business (holler if clinical is NOT for you!), find and work with their ideal client through Instagram and have the tools/systems […]

How to Start a Virtual Nutrition Business

Hi friends! I wanted to recap my experience at FNCE: the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Washington DC where over 11,000+ nutrition professionals come together to address key health issues, trends, check out new food products, earn continuing ed and network. There were so many amazing people at this event and it was […]

FNCE 2018 Recap

We all fail. And let’s just say if I gave up when I failed, I would never be where I am today. I launched Dietitian Entrepreneur Academy (you can apply HERE) to help dietitians and RD-to-be’s start and grow an online business through authentic Instagram marketing and active and passive income offers. One one of […]

My Journey to becoming a Registered Dietitian