How to Successfully Work from Home


Since a lot of us are working from home, I figured I’d share my favorite ‘essentials’. I have been working from home for almost 5 years so this girl has got her routine DOWN. And I hope you’ve gotten a little better after the past few months. I know it still feels strange to work from home right now, even after I’ve been doing it for so long. It also took me awhile when I first started so don’t be so hard on yourself. The below items help me be productive and engaged in my work and HAPPY every single day.

1. Align Pants

Trust me, you want comfortable leggings when working from home. And THESE are it. No seams on the waistband so it doesn’t cut in, buttery fabric, doesn’t restrict you. I have them in 5 colors and always want more. I put on a work ‘outfit’ daily which usually involves a tank/crop and a sweater/jacket with leggings. Make a uniform and you can get ready in 10 minutes!

2. Decaf Coffee

I’m a decaf person. Some people shudder. Some people get me. I switched to decaf because I would have TONS of anxiety and huge lows in the afternoon when I drank coffee or any type of caffeine in the morning.  I made the switch gradual by trying ‘half caff’ first and now rely on decaf to still have my ‘morning coffee’ routine without the side effects. I personally love Purity Coffee as it’s organic, specialty grade and free of contaminants, plus their decaf is Swiss-water processed which means there’s no chemical solvents used like in many popular decaf coffee brands. I’ve been drinking it for over a year (I grind the beans 1x a week, store them in a Pyrex and use a re-usable K cup) and love it with Silk almond or oat milk.

Use code ‘deanna’ here which gives you 20% + free shipping.

3. Daily Journal

SO many of you guys have purchased my journal or hopped into journaling to improve your body image and mindfulness. My goal is to remain off of Instagram for at least the first 1-2 hours of my day. So I stretch my hips and back/do some yoga moves, journal and start my morning routine all without distractions or consuming others thoughts. I can listen to MY priorities and focus on what I need. This is a HUGE aspect of the work I do, especially if I see what others are doing on IG before I’m clear on my goals for the day, it can distract me. So stay off social media for the first few hours if you can and journal. I swear my days are 100% more productive.

4. Stand-up desk

With my scoliosis, I truly can’t sit all day as my back feels AWFUL. Right now, I use our kitchen island as it’s perfect height. But when we move into the house we are building, I plan to get this guy.  Other keys when using a stand-up desk: comfy shoes! I stand in Ugg slippers/boots or these shoes as that offers the most support. Sounds silly, works way better than any of the mats they sell J

5. Steno notepad and post-its

My schedule is all in Google or Outlook but that doesn’t mean I don’t take notes, create my to-do list and write reminders. I’ve used an app before but good old pen and paper still works well for me. I keep it simple. I have a big steno notepad like this beside my computer at all times to jot notes during calls with companies, co-workers or brands. I go back through the notepad once a week to look at what I’ve learned/accomplished and if I missed anything. I create to-do lists each morning on these and date the pages. I also block the time on my calendar to get these to-do’s done. The post-its then hold creative ideas, concepts I’m thinking about, items for Zack and I to discuss in the evening. Putting together a system that works for YOU is key!

Other fun essentials I keep on my desk: weekly flowers from Trader Joe’s to just make me happy.

What are your work from home essentials?