Deats with Deanna: How to Grow Your Non-diet Online Business


In episode 39 of DEATS, I talked to Maria, a graduate of the Online Entrepreneur Academy. She’s a non-diet personal trainer nutritionist who helps clients ditch their dreaded workout routines and restrictive diets by focusing on a balanced mindset. 

During our conversation, Maria shared her thoughts on joining the Online Entrepreneur Academy, overcoming a limiting mindset that makes you think you cannot have a balanced lifestyle, life before joining OEA, leveling up your mindset for success, and what’s in store for business in the future!  

In this episode you can find more about:

  • Maria’s experience joining the Online Entrepreneur Academy
  • Balancing a lifestyle that allows you to work and travel
  • Learning to niche down
  • Life before the OEA and leveling up financially
  • Struggling with the mindset to build a business
  • The difference in Maria’s business now and what’s in store for the future 

As a non-diet personal trainer and nutritionist, Maria helps her clients ditch their dreaded workout routines and restrictive diets by teaching them how to have a healthy and balanced mindset when it comes to diet and exercise. You can find her on Instagram @mariamercanti.

This episode is sponsored by the Online Entrepreneur Academy. Are you a dietitian or female wellness expert that’s feeling undervalued in your job? Not passionate about what you’re doing, or are you working one to one with clients now and want to scale your private practice to group an online coach courses and programs, then OEA is perfect for you. This is a three month high touch coaching program and we are currently enrolling for our next cohort. Go here to apply!