Steal My Content Creation Process


Steal My Content Creation Process

Content creation is time consuming. That’s the reality! If you want to leverage social media as a FREE marketing tool, the cost is TIME. However, I don’t know a single business owner who has hours laying around in their day to make content. If you’re looking for the best way to create content that attracts and converts while spending the least amount of time doing it- keep reading.

Here is my 6 step content creation process that grew my accounts from 0 to a combined audience of over 250K AND allowed me to maintain a stellar work life balance.

  1. Scroll intentionally. Save any ideas that you come across.
    • This could be trends that are easily adaptable to your niche, an audio that you would like to use, or even a concept that you find that you want to add your own unique twist to. Save all of these to an album on Instagram or TikTok (or both) so you always have content to look back at when it comes time to create.
    • When you’re scrolling, focus on viral sounds that can give your content a boost.
    • Don’t forget about original content! You don’t HAVE to rely on trends to create content that resonates. 
  1. Set a goal for yourself.
    • Will you post every day? Every other day? On what platforms? Make it realistic for yourself, but know that the more content you put out the higher your chance for growth and sales.
  1. Make a schedule for yourself to film and create your content.
    • I film every other day for about 20 minutes so that I have a stockpile of content ready to go at any time. I film B-Roll content like me sitting while working from my laptop and making meals. I also will film the trends I’ve pulled from my saved folder during this time.
    • On average, it takes me about 20 minutes to EDIT a video together. If you’re spending hours filming and hours editing- you’re doing it wrong. 
    • It doesn’t have to take a lot of time to create to be impactful! Sometimes the easiest, simplest concepts are the ones that end up going viral.
  1. Have templates available for stories and posts in Canva that you can easily reuse.
    • These do not have to be the cookie cutter templates that Canva has. Create your own so that they are on brand and you can easily adjust according to the content you’re making.
    • We’re talking templates for things like “reviews” or “what you get with my coaching program” that you can maybe just switch out the photos and bam! Good to go.
  1. Edit and schedule out your content to auto post in each app so you get a break for a couple of days!
    • This is my favorite part because I can schedule all of my posts at once and they will go up while I’m working and I don’t even have to think twice.
    • This also really helps to prevent burnout and allows me to focus on more in the moment content like Stories!
  1. Pay attention to what’s working and nix what isn’t.
    • This is my favorite part! Every couple of days I look at what’s getting the most views or engagement and I basically recreate that content again!
    • It’s not about reinventing the wheel every time. You don’t need a fabulous new idea for every day of the week. In fact, I’ll bet you ten bucks you’ll see faster, better results with this rinse and repeat method than trying to come up with something fresh every time you post.

And….that’s it! No complicated methods. No fancy apps. Just a system that WORKS and helps you create in under a half hour a day. 

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