How To Successfully Plan Your Program Launch


Not gonna lie, launching an offer is hard work! Most people think it takes blood, sweat, and tears to launch your online program, course, or product. But I have created a seamless system that has allowed us to launch over and over again, beating our sign up goal every time. Keep reading to find out how to launch your program without breaking a sweat.

  1. Set Clear And Measurable Goals

Your launch’s foundation should be built on clear and measurable goals so that you can track them in the future. Whether it’s achieving a specific revenue target, reaching a certain number of enrollments, or expanding your client base, your goals guide your entire launch strategy.

  1. Understand Your Target Audience

Do a deep dive into your target audience to understand both their needs and their pain points. Let their preferences and challenges drive your messaging and offerings, ensuring you provide solutions that resonate with this specific audience.

  1. Create A Timeline

A well-structured timeline ensures you’re prepared for every phase of your launch. Allocate sufficient time for planning, pre-launch activities, the launch itself, and post-launch follow-up. Establish deadlines for each phase and commit to meeting them.

  1. Develop A Marketing Strategy

A strategic marketing plan is the backbone of your launch success. Consider when and how you’ll announce your service, how long your teasing period will be, the duration of the hard launch, and your objectives for post-launch. You’ll need to clearly define who will manage your social media platforms. Will it be you or your team? Will you need to hire a Social Media Manager? Training and onboarding take time, so make sure you allocate enough time for this.

  1. Ignite Excitement During Pre-Launch

Your pre-launch phase is a valuable opportunity to build anticipation with your audience. Get them excited by offering your audience exclusive early access or insider information. Tease your offering’s unique value and create a sense of exclusivity that compels them to stay engaged through launch and post-launch.

  1. Dominate Your Hard Launch

When you hard launch, your offer is the only thing you should be talking about during that period. Yes, it may seem like a lot, but remember- only 10-30% of your audience sees any one piece of content you post, so repetition is key! You might see a dip in your follower count if you already have an established audience, but don’t let this get you down – they were never going to buy from you anyway.
If you’re launching something, you should be so excited! You have the chance to impact so many people and also increase your revenue as an entrepreneur, a true win-win! Listen to all things entrepreneurship on my podcast, DEATS with Deanna, I’m sure you’ll find more valuable info for your biz.

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