How To Build An Online Business If You’re Not In Nutrition


The proven Online Entrepreneur Academy framework isn’t just for dietitians. We also have alums in the beauty, lifestyle, and healthcare spaces too!

One of our favorite podcasts of 2023 was our catch up with OEA Alum and hair extraordinaire Kelly Cahen to chat about her own entrepreneurial journey of growing her salon, and teaching other small business owners how to grow their businesses.

Where Kelly Started

Kelly is a stand-out hair stylist who owns her own salon in Virginia. She reached a point in her career where she couldn’t identify what was next for her business, so she sought the right help.

Before OEA, she didn’t even have a course! She was stuck trading time for money and she knew she wanted to be able to scale her income and revenue. We encouraged her to just DO IT, so she launched each segment live. ** That means that you don’t need to have everything finished and buttoned up to launch. Get it out there and build as you go! Needing everything to be lined up, kept her from moving forward.

Having the accountability and clear structure of how to build and launch made all the difference. Instead of sitting around thinking about her offer and trying to perfect it for months, she had the right support that pushed her to take action and get. it. done.

How Kelly has grown since OEA:

  • Kelly launched her 12-week online program, online course, and 1:1 coaching.
  • She hit $80,000 in sales in Q1 2023 alone – and this was just her side gig.
  • Stopped concentrating on the number and focused on her values and the impact she wanted to make.
  • Grew her Instagram to over 27,000 followers.
  • Bought a house in Tulum for retreats to teach financial audits.

“Chasing a number was stopping me from the one thing I actually wanted, which was time.” – Kelly

Biggest Takeaways 

Kelly got so caught up in the business and the desire to make passive income, that she lost sight of the connection that comes from 1:1. She created excitement by filling spots early with leads she knew to create more urgency and demand! She had to step back and say, “Where’s my value, where’s my integrity, what’s my purpose?”

Don’t let what other people are doing or growing distract you from YOUR purpose. She wasn’t just here to grow her bank account, she wanted to make an impact.

Kelly wrote out 10 things she wanted and that mattered to her- she then realized that 9 out of 10, she already had. It’s not always about more, more, more. Take a step back and look at the dream you are currently living in. Then take action to get to where you want to go.

Kelly’s story is just one example of how so many business owners have decided to take the leap and grow their side hustle into a full-time business. Take it from Kelly, she’s on her way to 7 figures only a year and a half after OEA.

Hairstylist, coach, course creator, salon owner, candle maker, jewelry designer- OEA is designed to help every business START or SCALE to support your vision. Our next course starts soon. Are you ready for another year of treading water or are you ready to take the leap?


This is DAY 7 of the 12 DAYS OF BLOGMAS! I know that December can be a hard time to find traction in building your business – but I’m here to help you with ideas and support as we close out 2023 and look forward to the future that you can create for yourself in 2024!

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