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Straight from my brand new podcast DEATS with Deanna, here are my top three tips for breaking free of diet culture.   I want you to take these three major tips into your week. Read through these and of course if you want more background head to your favorite podcast platform to take a listen.


I know it sounds confusing, but calories count.  Instead of viewing calories as something negative we have to change our mindset. Can we reframe our thinking about calories being something to avoid to “calories, give me energy, they let me thrive, they give me the fuel I need throughout the day”? Instead of thinking of them as something restrictive, that we have to count, I want to change how you frame it. Yes, it’s great that calories count because that is how you survive. 


I want to remind you if you weigh yourself and you’re upset, that stinks, if you weigh yourself and you’re happy, that stinks too. Because that means you’re giving power to a scale. I became obsessed with the scale as I prepared for my bodybuilding competition. Of course, I was obsessed with the scale in college, but it intensified as I prepared for my bodybuilding bikini competition back in 2014. It was one of the hardest breakups I’ve ever had, but I did it. If you know my story you know that I’ve lived in eight different states and that is what helped me give up the scale. I moved and I just never unpacked it from a box. Honestly, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. And it’s something I help clients work through, removing the power from your scale weight, stop weighing yourself, and giving power to scale. I know that can be a really, really difficult part of your journey. But it truly is key. 


If you are here because you are an entrepreneur or if you’re here to reach body neutrality, or if you just found me and happened to give this blog a click, stop comparing yourself to others.  Your timeline is always going to be different than someone else’s and that is more than okay. Progress is progress no matter where you are in your journey.

Practicing these three tips can completely change how you view yourself.  It is time to start healing your relationship with food and body image.  

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Get to know Deanna more as she shares personal insights, advice on achieving food freedom through actionable steps, and what to expect from the podcast (1:47)
  • Tip #1, calories count! Don’t let this scare you, this is a good thing. Calories give you energy and instead of viewing it as something restrictive you should reframe it so you can thrive (4:02)
  • Tip #2, stop weighing yourself and giving power to the scale. Deanna explains her journey with bodybuilding competitions and how weighing herself became an unhealthy and obsessive habit. It might be tempting to seek validation through the scale but it doesn’t always accurately reflect your weight loss journey (6:54)
  • Tip #3, stop comparing your timeline, your recovery, your career, and your life to others! We all have different tools and resources, and Deanna recommends how we should adopt a body neutrality perspective instead (9:21)
  • Deanna shares how her path to starting her own successful business wasn’t as easy as people assumed. She explains how she has to make a conscious effort to show up every day and put in the work (12:07)

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