How Can Your Partner Support Your Journey

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I am so lucky to have a really amazing partner in my life. Zack and I met in college, battled some long-distance love, have grown together, and helped each other through SO MUCH of life.  Zack has been a big support for me towards body positive image and eating support plus supported so many of my business endeavors (and investments!).

It can be scary, but being open with a partner with your disordered eating or body image is actually so helpful in the long run.  You are with this person almost more than anyone else and being supported in your journey towards breaking away from diet culture makes it that much easier.  Even if your struggles are in your past, some struggles can linger for years.  Zack has been a huge comfort for me whether it be telling me to order the food I actually want to eat or maintaining a healthy relationship with moving my body.

I am guilty of having struggles of my own when it comes to making food choices and I’m lucky I have this platform to help others through it.  One step in front of the other seems daunting at first but you will eventually get to too many steps to count. It is more than okay to need support in your journey. 

If you want to ask your partner for more support around food and body image, be upfront let them know that you need positive support around food. It can be little changes in the way they communicate with you or it can be even more in-depth like reading the intuitive eating book together or working through a program. I always have my clients ask their partners for support or find somebody in person for that accountability, so that they can have someone rooting them on in their journey and drowning out the negativity.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The two share how they first met, how their relationship developed, and when they knew they were ready to get married (0:42)
  • How to deal with a long-distance relationship and how communication is key (4:20)
  • What should you do when your partner doesn’t pay you compliments or indicate that they miss you? If you’re with a partner you need to feel comfortable to speak up and tell them how you feel  (5:56)
  • Deanna and Zack explain how they share a division of labor and housework (7:36)
  • Zack shares his thoughts on having a partner whose business and life involves a lot of social media (9:52)
  • What was Deanna and Zack’s favorite part of their wedding day? (12:37)
  • Zack explains what his immediate thoughts were when he found out Deanna was pregnant (13:57)
  • Deanna asks Zack how he felt during her years of dealing with an eating disorder, and how he felt he best supported her. The two touch on accountability, and being a role model for the other (16:26)
  • If you want to ask your partner for more support around food and body image, how should you let them know? (20:39)

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