From Bodybuilder to Healing Human with Lauren Sheehey


Episode 9 of Deats with Deanna may be triggering to some listeners who have experienced sexual trauma. If you need to discuss anything you’ve heard please find resources to help you here.

I sat down with Lauren Sheehey, a writer, a creative, and most recently, a mother. Lauren has worked with countless women as a Lifestyle Development Coach, Embodiment Teacher, and Yoga and Meditation Guide; but her primary passion is putting pen to paper. Over the years, this has taken on a multitude of forms, from professional copywriting for prominent wellness brands to preliminary book editing. Now, between diaper changes and endless loads of laundry as a full-time mom, Lauren continues to write copy for wholistic companies, share stories on her online blog, and host a podcast of her own. Regardless of which hat she’s wearing, Lauren believes in creating safe places for honest, vulnerable conversations with the hope that other women will feel empowered to embrace their most natural, authentic, and sometimes messy selves in every season of life.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How 2021 has been so far for Lauren, her journey with motherhood, and building a business.
  • About Lauren’s relationship with food and her body healed as she grew through different experiences in relation to body building. 
  • Lauren’s best tip to help relinquish control over your body and how to help with the recovery process and your relationship with food. She discusses how she framed her recovery through the lens of “do I feel safe?”, “can I trust my body?”, “can I trust my body to digest this food, and do I feel safe to eat?”
  • How to ensure you do not take working out and exercising as an extreme coping mechanism for your mental and emotional well being.
  • Lauren’s candid background with trauma and dealing with PTSD.
  • The steps Lauren took towards recovery.

Lauren and I had an amazing discussion surrounding disordered eating and trauma. Go to Apple PodcastsSpotify, or your favorite podcast platform to hear my full discussion on Deats with Deanna with Lauren Sheehey, and click here to join the waitlist for my next opening for Food Freedom Breakthrough in January 2022.