Answering your Pregnancy Questions: weight gain, nutrition, mindset and more

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Episode 8 of Deats with Deanna is a candid Q&A conversation about pregnancy, nutrition, and my journey with motherhood. These questions come straight from my followers so I appreciate you taking the time to send these in!

You’ll hear my answers to the following questions:

  • Have you ever felt down and struggled with feeling like yourself?
  • How do you deal with anxiety and eating healthy during your pregnancy?
  • Did you get the vaccine while pregnant?
  • How much weight have I gained?
  • How do you handle being a soon-to-be mom and a business owner?
  • How to deal with body changes and pregnancy weight gain?
  • How have your sexual desires and appetite changed since pregnancy?
  • How do you get back into exercise after your first-trimester nausea?
  • How do you buy clothes as a pregnant woman and deal with your changing and growing body?
  • Extra body image tips whether pregnant or not!

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