Intuitive Eating as a Curvy Women + Medications and Weight Gain


In episode 11, I sat down with Caroline Kimmel, a real estate developer, food & drink enthusiast and animal lover that has a passion for personal fitness and growth in many forms. She enjoys cooking and entertaining, walking her dog, spinning, lifting weights, and shopping/home design. Caroline lives outside Indianapolis IN with her two cats, her retired racing Greyhound, and an incredible support system. She began her food freedom journey in October 2020 thinking it was about food, then realized it was really about her. Caroline believes in mental health over every damn thing, that your vibe attracts your tribe, and that women are warriors!

Throughout our discussion you’ll hear:

  • About the moment in her life where Caroline decided she needed to change the message she was telling herself when it came to food, weight, and embracing her body.
  • How she tried to balance the love for food and cooking without being obsessed with weight, calories, or restriction and came to a place of body neutrality.
  • How you can find inspiration without needing to adhere to a certain body weight or size.
  • Caroline shares how making this transition to intuitive eating and trying to get off the weight-loss cycle made her feel initially and how apps that “reward” you for exercising by allowing you to eat are extremely problematic. 
  • What Caroline’s life was like before the Food Freedom Breakthrough program and what it’s like now.
  • After losing her father to COVID, Caroline talks about how going through life-changing moments really put her into survival mode and how this impacted her relationship with food and intuitive eating.
  • Now that she has completed the program, Caroline discusses how she responds to people who ask her questions about her lifestyle, intuitive eating, and weight loss.

I loved getting to talk with Caroline and am excited for you all to hear about her journey. Go to Apple PodcastsSpotify, or your favorite podcast platform to hear my full discussion on Deats with Deanna with Caroline, and click here to join the waitlist for my next opening for Food Freedom Breakthrough in January 2022.