Being Curvy, Feeling Confident in Your Body, Self-worth, & Setting Boundaries with Julia Parzyck


I sat down with Julia Parzyck for Deats with Deanna. Julia is an eating disorder recovery coach and body acceptance influencer and she is all about embracing her inner child and not taking life too seriously.

In episode 12:

  • Julia shares updates about what is going on in her life, dealing with her friend drama, her recovery with disordered eating, and how she got into the body positivity movement.
  • Julia shares how she finally developed her own confidence for her body. She explains how the first step was to heal her relationship with food and work with a mental health professional.
  • The role of core values and boundaries when it comes to dealing with body image and self-esteem. Julia shares what she thinks of the fitness industry and how this reflects her own values, what it means to have representation in the media and the idea of being thin for your wedding.
  • A part of Julia’s platform is sharing her own personal workouts. She provides advice for those starting their own fitness journey as well as those who struggle with having a healthy relationship with working out.
  • What do people get wrong when it comes to growing their body confidence and what you should be doing instead? The human experience may feel isolating and lonely but remember you are not alone.
  • How you can start embracing your inner child and learn to not take life too seriously.
  • The pandemic has been tough for all of us! Julia shares her experience with weight gain, being at the heaviest she has been, and learning to deal with how her body changes as she gets older.

Julia and I talked about really important topics and I can’t wait for you to go take a listen. Go to Apple PodcastsSpotify, or your favorite podcast platform to hear my full discussion on Deats with Deanna with Julia, and click here to join the waitlist for my next opening for Food Freedom Breakthrough in January 2022.