Set Point Weight


First identified in the 1950s, Set Point Theory, also known as homeostatic regulation of body fat mass is a concept that many doctors, dieticians, and fitness professionals refer to when clients bring up concerns of weight loss plateaus or weight gain. 

In this week’s Deats with Deanna, I  answer some of the most commonly asked questions about set point theory and how it relates to the food freedom journey. This theory believes that the body can remain at a specific weight with little effort – that means no dieting, no stress, and no counting calories. The main takeaway is that those who do not try to control their body size are able to maintain weight stability over time.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What set point weight theory is
  • What the research says about set point weight theory
  • What it feels like to be in your set point weight, and how long it takes to reach if you have dieted your whole life
  • If it is possible to change your set point weight

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