The Gentle Nutrition Episode: Colleen Christensen of No.Food.Rules


As people begin their journey to healing their relationship with food, the element of gentle nutrition is the last step in the cycle of repair and reset. 

When it comes to gentle nutrition, the first thing you need to consider is whether or not you are ready for this step. You don’t have to be perfect in practice but it is important to ask yourself how you are able to cope with feelings of guilt, anxiety, and stress as you navigate and repair your relationship with food. 

In this week’s Deats with Deanna, I sat down with Colleen, who is not only one of my closest friends and advocates, she is also a registered dietitian who shares her amazing insight into her life and gentle nutrition. 

During our conversation, Colleen spoke on the responsibility of sharing positive and realistic food choices as a content creator and helping people realize nutrition does not have to be perfect. She shared key elements to focus on when it comes to gentle nutrition, why nutrition still plays an important role in a healthy food relationship, and why micromanaging your diet does more damage than good when it comes to gentle nutrition. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • The importance of sharing realistic examples of intuitive eating on social media
  • The 3 tips to live by when thinking about gentle nutrition
  • The key takeaways when it comes to the nutrition part of gentle nutrition
  • Colleen shares why she made the switch to being a food freedom dietitian and what she’s surprised to learn over the years from her clients
  • How the narrative of weight loss and quick wins plays into gentle nutrition

I love Colleen and was so glad we were able to sit down for Deats with Deanna. Go to Apple PodcastsSpotify, or your favorite podcast platform to hear my full discussion on Deats with Deanna with Colleen, and click here to join the waitlist for my next opening for Food Freedom Breakthrough in January 2022.