Food Freedom Breakthrough Client – Real Life Example of Intuitive Eating


Fitness is an important part of any lifestyle, but what happens when diet culture and controlling food habits become a large part of your life? A controlling eating habit can look innocent at first, counting macros to adopting a paleo lifestyle, but it starts to cross the line when you begin to restrict yourself from eating because you feel nothing fits your dietary restrictions. 

In this week’s Deats with Deanna I talked to Molly, a teacher based in NYC who has been on her intuitive eating journey for over a year. 

During our conversation, Molly shared the diets she tried prior to doing the Food Freedom Breakthrough program, and the polarities of diet culture. She shared how she immersed herself in diet culture in college during her fitness journey, the micromanaging and controlling habits of counting macros, and how to finally trust your body. This is something I know a lot of us go through and it is such a good listen if you need some guidance.

In episode 16, Molly and I covered:

  • Molly shared her journey to discovering intuitive eating and how doubling up on diets harmed her body more than she anticipated
  • The first steps she took to change her unhealthy eating habits and how this has impacted her life 
  • How to deal with wanting to go back to your former eating habits 
  • Molly shared her initial fears about joining an intuitive eating program and how she feels now
  • How to have your loved ones provide more support during your intuitive eating journey 
  • Balancing a fitness lifestyle with intuitive eating and how she blocks out diet talk at the gym 
  • The biggest surprise Molly realized during her intuitive eating journey

Molly and I had a really great discussion on this week’s Deats with Deanna. Go to Apple PodcastsSpotify, or your favorite podcast platform to hear my full discussion on Deats with Deanna with Molly. This episode is sponsored by Food Freedom Breakthrough, my three month transformative online group coaching program. Join TODAY for an exclusive Cyber Monday discount ($250 off the entire program). Enroll now here.