DEATS With Deanna: The Intersection of Disordered Eating and ADHD Nutrition


In recent months the conversation around ADHD, and particularly late-diagnosed ADHD has exploded – especially on social media. An area of increasing research is the relationship between disordered eating and ADHD. Experts believe that people with ADHD may overeat to satisfy their brain’s need for stimulation or struggle with self-control and self-regulation. 

In episode 22 of DEATS, I talk to Madelyn, a registered virtual dietitian who has gained a lot of social media fame and support for her message on nutrition and ADHD. 

During our conversation, Madelyn talks about how people with ADHD might forget to eat meals or might be binge eating without realizing what is going on. She shares why her degree in nutrition made her begin to prioritize eating, challenges people with ADHD face when it comes to meal planning and the intersection between ADHD and disordered eating.

 In this episode, we cover:

  • Madelyn shares more about her own personal history with an eating disorder and what led her to focus on ADHD and nutrition
  • How to make your life easier with ADHD
  • How to make meal prep less overwhelming
  • Madelyn shares how she was able to develop her own program
  • Tips for helping you grow and scale your business
  • The intersection between ADHD and disordered eating

To connect with Madelyn you can find her on Instagram at @adhd.dietitian