DEATS With Deanna: From Clinical Rd to Successful Online Food Freedom Dietitian


Running your own business as a dietitian doesn’t mean solely providing services, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into starting and sustaining entrepreneurial work. 

In episode 21, I talked to Andie, a registered dietitian, as well as a former student of my Online Entrepreneur Academy. She shared her own experiences starting her own online coaching program after leaving the clinical world.

During our conversation, Andie talks about how her own experience led her to become an RD. She speaks on dealing with burnout, the biggest takeaways she learned from OEA, and how you can launch your own group program. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • Andie shares how she entered the field of dietitics and why burnout led her to leave the clinical world
  • The biggest game-changers Andie learned from the Online Entrepreneur Academy
  • Andie talks about her experience launching her own group program and shares some key tips you can use to help you launch your own program  
  • What food freedom looks like for Andie’s clients
  • Andy explains what private practice means to her and how she built up her own confidence to run her business

Andie has been a registered dietitian for 9 years. She loves using her own personal journey from disordered eating to food freedom to help others achieve the same amazing transition. She is a lover of all things outdoors: hiking, camping, hunting, skiing and everything in between. She lives in Arizona with her husband and they have 4 horses that she is obsessed with!

Connect with Andie:

Instagram: @dietitian.andie Tik tok: @dietitianandie