Deats with Deanna: From 12 Hour Days Making $4k to Flexibility Making $17k Months as a Dietitian


If you are ready to make more money in your business while working less, then this episode of Deats with Deanna is for you. I am talked to Maddie Saliba, a powerhouse who specializes in helping women incorporate flexible plant-based eating into their lives. Maddie came to work with me in August, and she’s gone from hitting 4-5k months in her nutrition business, to her most recent month making 17k!   She is sharing what her life looked like when she was making 5k a month compared to how it looks now, tips for those that are looking to start their own business, and how she has reached such an incredible financial milestone in her business.  

In this episode, we cover:  

  • Why Maddie chose to start her business,
  • how much time she was spending in her business when she was making 5k months and what life looks like now
  • The 3 main tips for someone who wants to come out of school and go right into their own business
  • How Maddie decided on her niche
  • Dealing with negativity while promoting plant-based eating
  • What she has done to reach these financial milestones in her business
  • How Maddie uses social media for her business
  • Why she chose to invest in Online Entrepreneur Academy and how it’s impacted her growth

To connect with Maddie: 

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