DEATS with Deanna: The Real BTS of a Full Time Content Creator, Postpartum Body Image, and the Key to Growing an Online Community with Cameron Oaks Rogers


I am so excited I had my friend Cameron Rogers on DEATS! Cameron is a successful content creator, host of Freckled Foodie & Friends Podcast, and a mom. We dished it all in this episode! Cameron and I chatted about motherhood, content creation, being a mom, the transition out of her career, and even the pressure to have a second baby.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Struggling with mental health and being vulnerable as an online creator
  • One of Cameron’s biggest boundaries
  • How postpartum has been for her when it comes to not only being a mom, but body image as well
  • What she is doing to feel at peace with her postpartum body [24:10] Some of Cameron’s favorite workouts
  • Her thoughts on being asked about having a second baby
  • The transition of leaving her career
  • Advice for those who are struggling to put themselves out there

To connect with Cameron: You can find her on Instagram or check out her podcast.

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