Struggling Setting Boundaries in Your Business?

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Struggling Setting Boundaries in Your Business?

Brooke Sager is a lifestyle entrepreneur for six and seven figure female business owners as well as a great friend of mine. I first hired Brooke in the fall of 2020, shortly after I left my full time job, to help with my Cyber Monday launch, which hit six figures, tripling what I had done in the past.

In today’s episode, she shares seven non negotiables so you can stop letting work control your life. Brooke shares about boundaries when it comes to checking your phone, communicating with clients, Sunday Power Hours, time sprints, Summer Fridays, and so much more. You will definitely be motivated to dream bigger, hit your goals, and move on to the next. 

Tune in to hear: 

• Brooke’s background, including her biggest curveballs

• How to stop letting work control your life

• Waking up early for success

• How to add a SOWT analysis into your power hour

• Brooke’s don’t ask, don’t tell policy about work

• Implementing Summer Fridays as a business owner

• The importance of setting goals and boundaries

Connect with Brooke: @theblairehouse

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