How Do I Build A 6-figure Practice With Less Than 1000 Followers?

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Taylor Krippner is a gymnastic dietitian and former Auburn University gymnast. She shares her personal struggles with food and body image as a gymnast and how that led her to starting her private practice where she helps gymnasts and gymnast parents learn to fuel with ease and confidence. 

She has scaled her business to almost 6-figures with less than 1000 followers on social media by finding her niche, connecting on a personal level and offering her group program, Gymnastics Nutrition Academy. 

Listen in to hear:

  • How to fuel yourself for a stronger performance
  • The importance of raising intuitive eaters
  • Struggles of gymnast parents and nutrition
  • Debunking the stigma around gymnastics
  • Success in gymnastics is not about body shape
  • Launching and scaling a business to 6-figures
  • Finding your niche

Connect with Taylor:
IG: @the.gymnastics.dietitian

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