Questions You Need To Be Asking Your Mentor


Questions You Need To Be Asking Your Mentor

As much as we want to be strong, independent entrepreneurs, sometimes we just want someone to tell us what to do. You know, so that we can sidestep the uncomfortable (and inevitable) challenges and mistakes that come along with the whole entrepreneurship gig. We yearn for a mentor whom we can just ask, “What should I do?” when we don’t know which way to turn. Is that so much to ask?

A mentor is someone who is an experienced or trusted advisor—It’s typically a person with a similar career trajectory or in your same industry who you admire and can learn from. Having a mentor is awesome. They can provide guidance, motivation, support, feedback, advice, and role modeling to help you in your own career journey. It’s a relationship based in trust, communication, and shared value. The mentee obviously receives information, guidance, and support. And conversely, the mentor feels honored and appreciated, proud to share their experience and expertise and inspire an individual’s work and life. (I’ve been on both sides of the equation!)

A mentor can be transformative in your life—especially for entrepreneurs who don’t have the typical roadmap customary of more established industries. But, once you’ve got a mentor, how do you know you’re making the most out of having one? As with anything in business, having a resource or relationship is great. Using it strategically, however, is what sets the most successful business owners apart.

Instead of just wondering, “What should I do?”, here are the questions you need to be asking your mentor:

  • How do they apply themselves and their resources?
  • What do they do behind-the-scenes in their business? (i.e. beyond their latest Instagram highlight)
  • How did they find their niche?
  • What do they delegate? Vs. What do they continue to do themselves?
  • What skills have proven most beneficial to them?
  • What challenges have they had to overcome?
  • What do they wish they’d known when they first started their business?
  • Has mentorship played a role in their own career?
  • How did they know they were ready to up their offering or scale their business?
  • What do they wish they had invested in sooner?
  • What are the greatest lessons they’ve learned?
  • If they could start all over again, what would they do differently?
  • Are there habits they’ve found that help make them more productive?
  • How did they transition from novice entrepreneur to successful business owner?

If you’re still reading this, I reckon you’re interested in finding a mentor yourself. Well, you’re in luck! I would love to be your mentor. Not only have I been in your exact position starting a brand new business (and eventually scaling that business beyond my wildest dreams), but I coach entrepreneurs—And my track record is impressive, if I do say so myself. 

From registered dietitians and personal trainers to hair stylists and wellness coaches, OEA has afforded many entrepreneurs the opportunity to build their dream business with structure, support, and guidance all along the way. 

Online Entrepreneur Academy provides close proximity to a mentor (moi!) who has been where you are, and has taken it to the next level (hence why you’re here right now). I can’t wait to teach, guide, and support you into achieving the career—and life—you’ve always wanted.

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