The Secrets To ROMANTICIZE YOUR LIFE as a Dietetic Intern

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The Secrets To ROMANTICIZE YOUR LIFE as a Dietetic Intern

Romanticizing your life can make it feel like you’re that much closer to achieving your dreams and today’s guest, Mattie Rose, shares her secrets to do just that. Mattie is a dietetic intern at the University of Virginia, fitness influencer and entrepreneur. She is your future fitness dietitian bestie and believes you can find food freedom and exist in the fitness space. 

During our important conversation, Mattie shares her journey of overcoming disordered eating, her severe My Fitness Pal and gym obsession to now gaining weight and starting her own coaching program. We discuss ways that you can chase your dreams, work on your mindset and advice on how to balance a busy schedule as a dietetic intern. 

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • Chasing your dreams
  • Tips on dealing with imposter syndrome
  • Mattie’s journey with finding food freedom
  • The challenges of being an influencer + dietetic intern
  • Food freedom and your fitness goals 
  • How to balance entrepreneurship and school 

Connect with Mattie:

IG: dailydoseof.rose

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