What’s It Like To Be A CrossFit Athlete?

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Joining the show is the incredible Amanda Barnhart! Amanda is a new mom, doctor of physical therapy, wife, and 6x CrossFit games athlete and founder of The AllHart Move Better Method. Amanda is passionate about helping people get rid of their pain, move better, and reach their fitness goals while juggling a busy life. 

Over the next 53 minutes, we dive into the real behind the scenes of what it is like to be a top CrossFit athlete, juggling family life, and running an online business. We discuss into the realities of dealing with disordered eating in a sport where body image is just as scrutinized as performance. Join us as we shed light on coping with the pressures of high-level training, building an online community, and the importance of staying grounded through the chaos of life and competition. 

In today’s episode, you will hear:

  • The behind the scenes of what it is like to be a CrossFit athlete
  • Balancing the demands of training and family life
  • Techniques for managing bad weeks 
  • The “AllHart Move Better Method” Program overview 
  • Body image as a female athlete

Connect with Amanda:

IG: @amandajbarnhart

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