How To STOP PEOPLE PLEASING & Does My Voice Matter?

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How To STOP PEOPLE PLEASING & Does My Voice Matter?

Joining the show today is the incredible Amy Green Smith! Amy is a certified and credentialed life coach and hypnotherapist, masterful speaker, and courageous communication expert. She is also the host of The Bold-Faced Truth podcast. She focuses largely on teaching chronic people-pleasers how to speak up for themselves without being riddled with guilt and fear.

Over the next 40 minutes, we dive into all things people pleasing, what people pleasing actually is, and how you can finally stop. We discuss how you can ditch the self-limiting beliefs and grow on your self-discovery journey. We also dive into the intersection of being a female entrepreneur, a recovering people pleaser, and someone who is high achieving. Amy uncovers strategies that you can implement right now and find your voice. 

In today’s episode, you will hear:

  • Strategies that you can use to overcome being a people pleaser
  • The science behind people pleasing 
  • Developing self-awareness to kick imposter syndrome to the curb
  • How to find your voice and why it matters

Connect with Amy:


IG: @heyamygreensmith

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