How Do I Create A Profitable Offer Suite + Grow An IG Account From Scratch? Behind The Scenes With Mya Nichol @myanichol Part 2

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Welcome to part two with Mya!

Missed part one of the podcast?! You can find it here.

In today’s episode, we’re back with social media guru, Mya Nichol. From kicking off your Instagram with a bang to crafting an offer suite that actually makes sense, we covered it all. Plus, we got real about high-ticket offers and the freedom they can bring to your biz. If you’re ready to level up and get your hands dirty, you’ve gotta give the second half of this conversation a listen. Trust me, you’ll walk away with some serious game plans.

Tune in to hear: 

  • How Mya balances motherhood and entrepreneurship
  • Instagram insights that actually make sense 
  • Strategies to diversify your offerings 
  • How Mya plans her year without being boxed in by rigid schedules

Connect with Mya:
IG: @myanichol

Connect with Deanna:
IG: @dietitiandeanna

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