How I’m Planning/Navigating Maternity Leave As A 7 Figure Entrepreneur

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Planning for maternity leave can feel overwhelming, especially when you are an entrepreneur. If you’ve ever wondered how to seamlessly navigate this time while keeping your business thriving, today I’m sharing how I’m strategically planning and navigating my upcoming maternity leave while running a seven-figure business. I discuss leveraging systems, outsourcing tasks, and engaging trustworthy co-coaches to support client needs. Plus, I share personal insights about balancing life as a soon-to-be mom of two, emphasizing sustainable business practices that allow flexibility and time for family.

Tune in to hear: 

  • What it looks like to set up systems for maternity leave in advance with strategic preparation 
  • The power of leveraging automated processes to allow you to focus on postpartum recovery and family without losing business momentum
  • The importance of utilizing both professional and personal support networks during maternity leave
  • Why tailoring the length and style of maternity leave to fit your personal and business needs is crucial 

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