How to go from Calorie Counting to Intuitive Eating

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I sat down for Deats With Deanna with Shanna Hutcheson, the non-diet Registered Dietitian, wife, new mom, Kansas gal, and blogger behind Wellness For The Win. She practices and promotes a balanced approach to health, and encourages others to eat a variety of foods that nourish and satisfy them, engage in joyful movement, and practice regular self-care, as well as celebrate non-scale wins.

We had a great converstation surrounding our backgrounds and how to transform your relationship with food. In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Shanna ended up in a place where she had a damaged relationship with food. She shares how growing up as a cheerleader and being around an influence that focused on bodies impacted her own relationship with her body.
  • How our backgrounds enhanced (or hurt) our relationship with food.
  • Tips and tricks to overcome over-exercising.
  • After getting rid of the calorie counter.
  • The difference between dieting versus focusing on your health.
  • How to grow your brand and social media following as a dietitian and entrepreneur.

So many of us start becoming hyperaware of our bodies at an early age which quickly leads to calorie counting and having a strained relationship with food. Shanna and I are no different except that we also went through schooling to become dietitians which put added pressure on the need to look a certain way. Some of the things you learn in school are disordered. It has been a process for both of us to make the change to intuitive eating and leave calorie counting and over-exercising behind.

I will say too, for anyone who’s scared about intuitive eating, or like taking that leap away from diets because I know structure feels very safe and being told exactly what to eat and when and how much feels very safe and helpful. But truly, you can trust your body. And once you like, give yourself permission to do that. It is like so empowering and incredible.

Shanna Hutcheson

We are constantly working to overcome the years of being taught that being thin or weighing x amount equates to our health and it is something we are both so passionate about sharing with the world.

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