How to Know When to Stop Counting Calories/Macros

Intuitive Eating, Podcast

I have truly reached food freedom without counting calories and macros. So if you’re wondering, hey, how do I actually know if I’m doing this for health or if I’m doing this for control, episode 5 of Deats with Deanna is for you. I talked about my history with macro counting and the key steps you need to know in order to realize it’s time to stop counting calories and macros.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Some of the reasons you should stop counting macros and properly partake in intuitive eating.
  • My experience with macro counting, why it caused me to eat the same meals every day and the nutritional issues because of that.
  • A discussion around spending more time logging your food, than you are actually being in the present moment with your food and enjoying the experience of eating.
  • Why counting macros and calories isn’t the magical fix for your weight journey.
  • The answer to the number one question I am asked: will you eventually stop mentally tracking calories and macros?

I want you to realize that knowing macros does not make you a better intuitive eater. Truthfully, you can still be an intuitive eater without ever learning macros. Part of intuitive eating is gentle nutrition. Learning how to understand what a carbohydrate is and how it makes me feel in a different way than a protein versus fat versus fiber. I talk a lot about protein, fat, carbs, and fiber in my signature Food Freedom Breakthrough program. I know there’s been a lot of messages out there that say intuitive eaters know exactly how many calories or macros that they’re eating and I really don’t think that’s true. Macros truly can set you back on your intuitive eating journey. 

You can understand food without having to feel like you have to count calories. And you can reach health goals without counting calories when you work to be more mindful.

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