Weight Gain, Going All In, and Writing a Book


I sat down for Deats with Deanna with Stephanie Buttermore, a Ph.D. who has transitioned from the world of academia to a world of sharing her life and passion. Using social media, she entertains, but most importantly, educates on the scientific principles of training and nutrition. She’s taken her many years of experience reading and writing scientific literature to understand the fundamentals of exercise science.

We had a great discussion surrounding her journey. In episode 6 you’ll hear:

  • Stephanie’s goals and the journey of writing her book.
  • What setpoint weight is and why people should focus on accepting their bodies where it is at the happiest and healthiest rather than focusing on arbitrary numbers.
  • Stephanie’s approach with her “all-in” process, how it helped her reach her goals, and what she would have done differently in hindsight.
  • How this new approach to eating impacted her mental health positively and how she manages to keep going in times where she felt tempted to go back to a more restrictive eating pattern.
  • What the process of the “all in journey” looked like for Stephanie from start to finish and what really surprised her the most about this whole experience.
  • Her experience of being a fitness personality and how professionally competing in bodybuilding competitions changed her approach to eating and into the spectrum of disordered eating.
  • Core values that now guide her journey, what she wants to be remembered for and how bodies are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.
  • Stephanie shares the one big thing you should take away from this episode and immediately apply to your life.

Stephanie was such a requested person to guest on Deats with Deanna. Stephanie Buttermore is well known for her all in journey, where she gave herself unconditional permission to nourish her body gaining over 40 pounds in the process. Stephanie and I have been friends for a few years, I had the honor to be a part of her recent YouTube on intuitive eating and really taking the first steps with that, as a dietitian, who really works through that with many, many hundreds of clients. And we love to chat regularly, we cheer each other on. We’ve never met in person, but we’ve been really, really supportive with each other’s journeys and chatting, and just kind of really help each other out through social media.

I hope you walk away after listening to episode 5 with so many pieces of her and I’s journey and really get to learn more about everything in regards to all in weight gain, weight loss, and how you can become a more normal eater around food and not let fitness or the fitness industry get to you.

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