Weight Training, Rest Days, and Wedding Pressure from a Non-Diet Personal Trainer


For some, the gym can be a scary place, let alone working with a personal trainer. Either from experience or hearing other people’s anecdotes, it seems like personal trainers only focus on fat loss and that is it. Often, these trainers may not have good relationships with their own bodies and with food, and they’re projecting that onto their clients. What does the alternative look like?

In this week’s Deats with Deanna, I chatted with to Kira Onysko, a non-diet focused personal trainer. She helps her clients reach their fitness goals, stay more consistent, and increase their motivation without an emphasis on their weight loss and body from an outward aesthetic perspective. 

During our conversation, Kira shared why fitness trainer language causes more damage than they think when it comes to their clients fitness goals, why health is more than what you eat (that pizza slice is nothing to feel guilty over),  and learning to ditch the toxic mindset around fitness. As a recent newlywed Kira also shared her journey of preparing for a wedding without the stress of needing to be in a certain size. 

In this episode:

  • What a non-diet personal trainer is and the language to avoid when it comes to focusing on health and fitness goals
  • Ditching the common “trainer” mentality
  • How to embrace the benefits of rest days rather than focus on exercise as a means to change your body
  • Learning to enjoy exercise and do workouts that you like doing, not what you think you should be doing
  • How Kira prepared her body and mind for a wedding without stressing
  • How to balance your workout routine and tips for getting into weight training

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