Motherhood, Orthorexia, and Presence


Pregnancy is a rollercoaster, both pre and postpartum. Motherhood is a journey, and the body is truly so resilient. The body is going to change and it evolves as it needs to and being in the present moment, learning to accept with grace all the changes we face, as mentioned by today’s guest, will be the most rewarding thing for you to do.

In this week’s Deats with Deanna, I talked to Alexis, a dear friend of mine whom I met at the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo nearly 10 years ago. In addition to working in the dietetics field, Alexis is also a new mom.  

During our conversation, Alexis shared why she is so transparent on social media and how it’s helped her heal, feeling overwhelmed with trying to make the right choices, and why our bodies are meant to change and serve a greater purpose.  As a new mom Alexis discusses why mom-hood is all about learning things on the fly, and how it is a real and vulnerable time about reconnecting with your body and learning what it is capable of accomplishing. 

In this episode:

  • Alexis shared what surprised her the most about momhood and being transparent on social media
  • Balancing the transition from being a new mom to going back to work
  • Dealing with body changes and recovery during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Why you don’t need to have a perfect birth, trust that your intuition and love is enough
  • Alexis discussed taking maternity leave and trying to seek adult connections
  • Making the transition to intuitive eating – Alexis shared her journey to recovery
  • We answer some of your motherhood questions

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