Deats with Deanna: You Are Not a Before Picture with Alex Light


In this week’s episode I talked to Alex Light, she’s the body confidence influencer that you guys love and she’s committed to helping women across the world feel better in their own skin and she is the host of the number one podcast “Should I delete that?”. She shared all her ins and outs of her recovery and her weight gain. During our conversation, Alex talked about the unhappiness of posting online versus the reality of what her body image relationship is like.

 In this episode, we covered:

  • Alex talks about posting her body online
  • Learning and growing within the sphere of body acceptance
  • The reality of hitting rock bottom and reaching recovery
  • Larger bodies, just like all bodies, deserve recovery
  • Dealing with online comments and people projecting their own stigmas
  • Why numbers don’t matter anymore for Alex
  • Struggling with weight gain and body changes
  • Alex’s favorite content to create online

Alex Light is a body confidence influencer you may know. You can find her on Instagram @alexlight_ldn. She is committed to helping women across the world feel better in their own skin, is the author of “You are not a before picture” and hosts the #1 podcast ‘Should I Delete That?’. This episode is sponsored by This episode is sponsored by Food Freedom Breakthrough, my three month transformative online group coaching program. Join the next group here.