All Things Pregnancy Nutrition with Ryann Kipping


In episode 36, I talked to prenatal expert Ryann Kipping, a prenatal nutritionist focused on being a trusted resource for women who are struggling or wanting to conceive. She helps women gain confidence in making daily food choices during their pregnancy.

During our conversation, Ryann talked about pregnancy, myths around conception, what to do if you’re struggling to get pregnant and how to properly nourish your body. 

 In this episode, we cover:

  • Ryann shares what made her focus on prenatal nutrition
  • Myths surrounding nutrition and pregnancy
  • Listening to your body, nutrition, and staying sane during pregnancy
  • Are soft cheeses and raw milk really bad to eat?
  • Caffeine and alcohol during pregnancy
  • Nutrients you need in your food
  • How your taste changes during pregnancy

About Ryann:
Ryann is a clinically trained Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Author of The Feel-Good Pregnancy Cookbook, and master online nutrition educator. She is the founder of The Prenatal Nutritionist, a virtual nutrition private practice, which focuses on helping those trying to conceive and pregnant navigate the era of online information overwhelm.  The Prenatal Nutritionist mission is to ensure every soon to be mama is confident in their ability to properly nourish a growing baby through a realistic nutrition approach. To extend this mission further, Ryann founded The Prenatal Nutrition Library App, an online community for evidence-based nutrition information before and during pregnancy. 

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