From Solopreneur to CEO—Starting and Scaling A Business

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From Solopreneur to CEO—Starting and Scaling A Business

Just because you CAN do it all, doesn’t mean you should.

Going from ‘solopreneur’ to CEO feels like a monumental change. But it all starts with mindset—Trust me, the actions will follow.

Even if you’re doing everything yourself as a ‘one person show,’ that doesn’t mean you’re doing it well (Sorry, but it’s true). I am GREAT at making content. I love it. It’s my jam. But building out a funnel? I CAN do it. But would it be done better and faster if I handed it off? Hell yeah! So I do. Offloading tasks that you don’t enjoy, aren’t the best at, or that take you too much time is the foundation for transitioning from solopreneur to CEO. 

You’re like: OK DEANNA, we know! I WANT to offload those tasks but HOW! It feels impossible right now. I’ve been there. Let’s get into how you can do this strategically to help you scale. 

BTW: Scaling your business means you’re laying the groundwork that will support growth—whether that’s increased sales, work, or output—efficiently. For entrepreneurs, this often means hiring more people to help with the workload so that you can grow your revenue. But scaling isn’t just about growing, it’s about growing strategically

For example, I own my own business as a dietitian. In continuing to scale my business, I need to ask if it makes more sense for me to bring on another certified dietitian and begin creating a roster or to hire an independent contractor to take on support tasks like social media, copywriting, or podcast editing. The question I ask myself is, “What would bring the greatest ROI?” While I like having a hand in marketing, it’s very time consuming. Outsourcing scheduling or email marketing would allow me to dedicate more time to my projects and clients.

It’s all about what would best serve you and your company in the present and near future. 

Step 1 in scaling? Make a list of everything you dislike doing. Maybe it’s writing email newsletters, creating content for all your social media channels, revamping your website, or responding to inquiries. Dedicate more time and energy to your strengths and outsource your ‘weaknesses’ to a new hire or independent contractor.

  • If you’re hiring someone to join your team more permanently, make sure they have the necessary skill set and experience as well as alignment with your core values. Working with a values-centered team makes everyone passionate about their work (and brings out the fun in the day-to-day). 
  • If you’re hiring an independent contractor on the other hand, alignment isn’t as pertinent so long as they provide solid, reliable work that meets your deadlines. (I always want to work with people who are in alignment with my beliefs but that is up to you!)

You can’t scale if you are still stuck in the client work and the day to day of your business. If you are still trading hours for money it’s time to reevaluate. 

That’s where OEA comes in. Online Entrepreneur Academy breaks down all you ever need to know about starting, scaling, and LEADING a business. Don’t stay stuck grinding away IN your business (or hoping you’ll finally launch it when the time is right) when you’re meant for SO. MUCH. MORE.

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